Saturday, October 19, 2013

Happy Happy Me!!! It's Autumn!!!!! I love it!!!!

 Is it possible that I have been absent since JULY!!!!    I can not believe it.......
Truth be told....I was totally done in by the HOT HOT HOT summer we just took the wind out of my sails....
I just can not take hot weather anymore.....I feel like I just hung on all summer waiting for fall....
 But I can sure take this!!  It is the most beautiful fall imaginable.....warm days in the sun with the smell of fallen leaves...I just want to smile all day!!  I'm running around love the leaves so much...I don't really want to rake them up...I just want to walk through them and crunch!!  The smell of pure inspiration.....
 This is partridge berry....Isn't it beautiful!!

 We closed our little Adirondack camp last week sweet...and soooo incredible grandparents built it in themselves!!
 fall sunsets....
 There is nothing I crave more at this time of life than quiet...just sounds of nature...this is a place you can get that....there were times this trip all I could here was the falling leaves onto the deck and the little nuthatches sweet and heavenly  to me...
 Because of our warm days we are still getting things from the garden!!!   Happy me!!!!! I so love my vegetable garden...It has really become my favorite of all gardens...and all organic!!!   Not one pesticide has been used on our property for almost 60 years!!!
 Look at this fellow.....He was huge and looking right at me!!

 Such an amazing and beautiful creature!!  Unless he wants to eat you........horrors!
                                                The back yard yesterday....a flood tide....
 One of my latest projects....not done ....not sure what I'm going to do with it yet..
I'm working on a wedding present ..took this picture of my beautiful young cousin and thought..hummmmmm this might work into an embroidery...also a project I'm still working far I like it but as always having trouble with the faces....going to work on that today....
 New Yarn from a farmers market in Vermont....the best market I have ever been too!! It's in stowe Vt. I wanted to by everything!!!
 This bag I made from a skein I bought a couple of years ago...still need to line it but I'm using it's all a tight single crochet...
 Oh my Gosh.....Have you read this lovely book!!!  It is absolutely a happy and peaceful read...Susan Branch is someone I have loved for years...she has a wonderful lives on Marthas vineyard which is one of my favorite places on earth and I was married there!!!
Well... even if you are from the U.K. you will fall in love with this is a gem....she does all the illustrations herself with watercolors....lovely....
 Yup.....its me...taken in the Mountains walking back to the cabin....I just adore this time of year and every day is and ahhhhhhhhhh sort of day.... I want to do everything....unlike this summer when I wanted to do nothing.....

I'm so happy to be back.........  :)


  1. Fall looks lovely in your area.

    I never "LOVED" fall in the past, but now that I am retired and can thoroughly enjoy each fall day it is my favorite season. The beach is warm and empty of tourists. September was fantastic, but October blew September out of the water. I wonder what November will bring.

  2. it's about time!!!! i have missed you glad you came back to us. hugsxx

  3. Welcome back! Loved seeing your pics. Am really impressed with your embroidery!

  4. Missed seeing what you have been up to.

  5. There truly is beauty in every season, but fall is probably my very favorite and your photos are why. ~~Enjoy those fall leaves!!!~~

  6. Yeyyyyyyy!!! I am so happy you are back to. Amazing photos loving those autumn colours, A-MAZ-ING embroidery and bag. - you are so clever!!

  7. I'm so glad you are enjoying a beautiful fall, we are too in Newfoundland. The color of the leaves has been spectacular and it hasn't been real cold yet.
    I also am impressed with your embroidery and crocheted bag, beautiful work!

  8. We are having a great autumn too! The rusty colours are just beautiful and this is my absolute favourite time of year. Have a great week. xx

  9. What a perfect autumn post... I think you covered it all beautifully! Your embroidery project is precious... what a great idea!


  10. Lovely photo's of autumn and I love the embroidery you have started from your cousins wedding what a clever old stick you are.

  11. How lovely is your Autumn, while our fabulous Spring has been giving us lots of pretty colour and growth.The clocks have gone forward, and I am spending the evenings tending the vege garden and ordering Barry and the "men" to do my bidding, (I have hurt my back at boxing", so I just tell them what I want done, and it's finished. I could get used to this kind of gardening.

  12. Your posts are so beautiful! So glad you stopped by to say hello~ prompted me to hop over... such pretty photographs! Love all of your projects :)

  13. lovely blog :)