Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas time.........

I have three male first cousins....and they and their families are the most precious people to my sister and myself....we have been as close as siblings all our life...I don't think the 5 of us have ever had a cross word in all our lives....this was a cousins party including a sleepover this past weekend..
My sister surprised all of us with matching Jim jam's!!! My beautiful sister is 4th from the right. I am 1st on the left..the rest are wives and children.....the greatest perfect is the plaid!
The lads!   We had such a glorious time....with huge glorious game of " sardines" to end the night....then a huge breakfast the next morning!
So much fun with people I love so much!  
I love an old fashioned tree...

I've been collecting these all my life...
I love the big old lights as well...they just take me right back to being about 6 years old...
I just can not believe Christmas is almost here!!!!
It has just happened so fast this year...... I still have quite a bit to do and am expecting about 18 for Christmas Day!!!!  Looks like we are in for quite a storm on Christmas Eve and day...wind and rain..oh well a cosy day for cooking and eating!!!
Might as well just take it in I must come up with a few Christmas desserts......and wrap and iron the tablecloth....
Have a lovely day all!!!!


  1. How wonderful to have a close knit family. My family is far flung and we were never close even when we all lived near each other.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. andy and george and bill, oh my! bless you all, you lovely people. happy christmas, holly!

  3. Matching pj's - what a fabulous photo! Your tree is beautiful - merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas! I just loved reading about your close knit family and the fun time you all have together. I almost felt like I was there, too, laughing with you all.

    May your 2015 be equally blessed!

    PS. Love the kitties all curled up. So sweet.

  5. Glad to see your Christmas was lovely. Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year in 2015!!

  6. Oh, the holidays have got to be the grandest at your house! I am so glad that you are surrounded by loved ones... your Christmas tree is just right! Wishing you the happiest of New Years! xos

  7. Love your tree and every thing on it dear

  8. Beautiful pictures. Merry Christmas.


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