Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's Done!!! It's really done! Yahoo!!!

I did it!!!  I finally did it!!  Maia's quilt is done!! 
 It would have been done days ago but I could not stop adding to the embroidery!!  It was so much fun to do...I haven't washed it there are a few blue marking pen marks...but...unless it falls apart in the's done!!
I used silver thread for the spokes...
and I added Maia now that we have seen her......

I went to a sewing expo a few weeks ago and I was given a charm pack ( 5" squares ) well the embroideries are on 5" squares and these are the colors mummy wanted for the little girl soooooo that worked out well!!
A few years ago I stopped using batting for my quilts...I had a number of quilts sort of fall apart so I started to use fleece.....and I love drapes really well and you can use it on the outside or on the inside as the batting with cotton outside....for this I used both...soft soft soft!!!
I machine quilted for the first time....I love how hand quilting looks but I put the embroideries to far out to the edges so the quilting would have gone into them.... sooooo I did a stitch in the ditch....and I think its ok......I love to hand quilt but I didn't plan well.....I did hand stitch the binding though......

O.K. so who is the sweetest baby???
stretching.....soooooooo cute!
Getting to know her aunt Dibby......My sister....
and her uncle Eric.....dear friend.....
Mummy and daddy with their darling girl...and the ever present Mr. K.  ( kitty)
Someone felt he had to help me with my stitching!
sometimes not such a help.....but very lovable!
Wild has the most heavenly scent ....clove like....
I just adore it mum brought it from the Adirondack mts. in upstate N.Y.
Spring Garden.......oh man... ..I have been working hours out here....HOURS....and it's just starting to get there...... I love it but...... is a lot in the spring..
You can just see the sewing studio in the's getting there!
Angels of my favorite of all spring ground makes me think of my heavenly mum....the gardener of gardeners..
hmmmmmm is that a kitty??
under that blanket????
Yes it is!!!! Oh what a dear boy..... I just love my dear kitties...good thing because there are 9!!!!!!  yes 9!!!             
Sorry it is such a long post but as usual I am overdue on the posting scene! I do need to get better at it.... I am absolutely over the moon that I have 55 followers.....Thank you all...I know it's not a lot compared to some of you but to me it seems like a million!!!!! It really has become one of the great parts of my life getting to know you out there.....I hope to meet some of you some day!!!! I think you all are just Tops!!!!!! Happy day and  Huge hugs to you all!!

P.S.  Now here this ...I am going to FINISH quite a few things in the next few will all bear witness to this and then......I will be having a... give a way... and starting to fill my etsy shop!!!