Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene the terrible!!

Well....just got our power back after 3 days..really not so bad..the storm could have been so so so much worse....we lost trees and had a MESS to clean up but all in all it was... not as bad as it could have was an odd storm though...very twisty wind we could just here trees cracking all around us...but it was not a sustained high wind.. that would have just destroyed all......buckets of rain.  now it is just perfection here....cloudless ski and no humidity..!!!!!!.I will be back with more later when I am a little more caught up.....bye bye nice people!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Helen!!

 This is a special posting for my dear friend Helen...She has just moved back to New Zealand from the U.S. She grew up in N.Z. so it is her real home. but she has lived here for many years....she has done this for her dear amazing thing to do....Her Kitties have only known her all their lives and so I invited them to live with us as we already have 6 and really how hard is it to have 2 more!!  I have always loved these two sweet kitties.... As you can imagine this has been a gut wrenching thing for my dear friend to have do... to leave her pets of 13 years.. ..This is a post of their progress...which Thank God has been great!!!  They are the best kitties!!   So here you are Helen!!  Your babies sending you love and purrrrrrrrrs..
 Mr. Kabuki in his new favorite chair!
 Dear Miss Pilgrim and her bed and dinner on her little table cloth!
 The Kitty Wicker nest that they both seem to love!!  we will be buying another!! look at those little feet!!  she likes to cross them....who couldn't love her......she is very shy so we move very slowly...
 sorry about the pic color....Mr. K's viewing bed...out the back door!!
 Miss P. tries out the other bed!!
 Helen is the most incredible basket maker and this is I believe her most beautiful ever!!  I am now the very proud owner ...Thank you my dear friend!!  This is Mr. Gus giving it a try!!  I could fit 3 kitties!!
Mr. K. says this is MY Kitty nest!!!
Well ...dear Helen just a few pictures to show you they are being well taken care of and are doing really well!!  We love you!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hello lovely friends...... has been to long..I have  lots of pictures of a very busy summer...I am not a rush around person at all...and we have had lots this summer..all fun though and with people we love..but now we are moving in to quieter times...I made this little flowerpot in high school..just for nasturtiums...I had a veg and flower garden starting at about age 15 .  I love nasturtiums....
 we had pickle day here at 66 seaview...I love dill pickles and this is the most wonderful recipe. Mr. Wolks Polish dills....I made 22 jars!!!!!
 Yummmmm..makes my mouth water to just look at the pictures...I don't process them in a hot water bath..Just put them in the fridge..and they will last up to a year...we just ate last years last jar and they tasted like we just made them!!!
 I will write out the recipe if anyone is interested...really easy
 This is a picture of one of my dearest friends on earth.. and yes that is me..  Fiffy is 100 years old!!!  I took her to lunch with a friend and she downed a huge brandy alexander and a pastrami sandwich!!!!  She is Italian and taught me all the fine points of Italian cooking ....homemade pasta ..ravioli ...stuffed red peppers..bread ..cookies holiday time she would bake for days ...10 kinds of cookies....she is one of the greatest people I have ever known.....I love you Fiffy!!!
 She lives on Cape Cod now.  She used to live in East Boston and was born in the North End of Boston which is our Italian neighborhood in Boston .  On Easter sunday in 1911!!
This picture is of a Ferry boat from woods hole to Martha's Vineyard...a beautiful island where I was married!!
 Then up to the Adirondack Mts in Upstate New York.. We went with dear friends and their two little boys.
 Someone very cosy on the couch...
 Making s'mores over the fire
 Sitting on  the dock on the lake
 one of 10,000 sunset pics we have!!!
 Myself with the two little guys at " The Big Rock "  A huge rock way out that we all swim to and hang out on...
 sitting on the big rock!!
 The cabin was built by my grandmother and grandfather in is just a tiny 3 room cabin..nearly unchanged ..the cabin on the left my uncle built when he was 14..  1934  I has bunkbeds and two cots..not much room for anything else!! we built a deck and then added a dock we remove each fall.
 Garden!!!  lots of everything at this time of year....we really have to eat tomatoes 3  times a day!!
 My favorite summer salad...cucumbers, red onions..tomatoes..and oil and vinegar dressing.....I usually add toasted bread rubbed with garlic!!!..yummmmmmm
 we have two new pics of my dearest friends had to move back to New Zealand after many years here and she had had her kitties for 13 years....I had to take them for just broke my heart to think of what it would be like to have to give up a beloved family now we have 8!!!!
 these are the present family members ..Ish
 her mother Callie
 Gus our baby boy...(very bold sometimes!)
 Buster bear....Ish's son
 Izzy  Ish's daughter....she is not a beauty queen but is the dearest....
hmmmmm seems I forgot Rusty!  I am going to try to add a pic..but it may end up at the top not bottom of this post....  Hey !! I did it ...Here is Rusty...Number 3 child of Ish!!!!

So that is a little catch up!!  I got some wonderful new fabric....( I so needed it .... )  and I have lots of projects planned..  next post!!!.Lots of Hugs and Happy thoughts to you all out there!!!!  Thanks to all the nice people who have commented and added as followers...I'm up to 30!!!!  so so so cool!!