Friday, April 22, 2011

Making progress on my pretty lady.........

This is my after hours project...but.... she is coming along.. we do learn with every project and this lesson is pick your fabric carefully... I should have used something a little stronger because the stitching pulls the fabric in... I think I will be able to fix it and I may be the only one who sees it but still. when you put a lot of work into something use the best.. the fabric is good it is just a loose weave should have used something with more substance!  Happy Day All you lovely people out there!!!!  = ^..^ =  

A few more!

Some pictures!!!!!

O.k. I am making some progress.....or should I say Mr. Holly is making some I will post what I can.. this is the year of the daffodil here at Seaview cottage  They are just beautiful this year..  Our home was a small  ( tiny ) cottage built in 1912.... I grew up on this street but not in this house.  We had a neighbor who lived next door to us who owned her home and this cottage the land with.  she adored my 1962 she sold this to my parents for a song..... she really wanted to give it to them but my parents would not have it.  They had NO money and somehow they managed a tiny loan.....sooooo this is the great gift to our family and I am really just the caretaker...Mum and Dad are now here in spirit.. my mum was the greatest gardener and this spot has her soul.... she planted all the bulbs , hundreds of them... she always said " plant bulbs and you will live forever!!!! She was right!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trouble in the computer photo world !!!

Well, I have lots to share with you BUT I can not get to my pictures......they are stuck in a mystery file and I can not find them......

I have garden and kitty and embroidery and........I've made an Easter dress for my dear friends sweet little 1 year old daughter...tomorrow I am making a bonnet to has been so much fun to do... I embroidered the bodice with little pink, white and the softest of greens...I hope to be able to show it to you tomorrow..

I think I may just have to make the big computer purchase.... :( it's not that I haven't known this was coming but it is still big....and I'm going apple!!!! I think apple is going to be more user friendly least for the things that I want to do.

Well, I hope I'll be back with pictures but if not Happy Easter to you all!! And a big thank you to all the people who have left lovely is so fun to meet all the wonderful people out there!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A new embroidery!

This is my latest project!  Well, one of them anyway.... this is something I have wanted to do for a long time.  I found a beautiful oval frame at an estate sale last summer.  I wanted to embroider something that had an antique look to it.  I love love love the regency period .  ( Sense and Sensibility...)  this is a Kate Greenaway I scanned and then blew up  several hundred times then I put it on a light box and copied it to my fabric.  I am going to embellish it and I have changed a few other things......but I am happy with how it is coming out .  I am terrible at faces.  I just cannot seem to get them right which is why I chose this as a model.  The face is exactly what I love!!  So I am going to do the hat next.  I cannot wait to do the flowers around the brim!!  So so fun.  then I think I will do some flowers around the edges... not sure.... yet!  I always design my own stuff so this is strange to do something someone else designed but I love the picture so much I'm really enjoying it!             I received my new fabric from Aneela Hooey!!   .....If you don't know her you should this is her blog spot. ( link below)  Comfortstitching.....  I got her fabric from Moda fabrics.  She is a heavenly designer... everything she touches is beautiful.  I got her fabric collection called Sherbert pips! I think this is her first fabric and I pray not her last!! check it out  well, time to start dinner.  A long day of raking and  my back is killing me!!!!! I guess I better sit and embroider a bit!!!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!!