Friday, April 22, 2011

Some pictures!!!!!

O.k. I am making some progress.....or should I say Mr. Holly is making some I will post what I can.. this is the year of the daffodil here at Seaview cottage  They are just beautiful this year..  Our home was a small  ( tiny ) cottage built in 1912.... I grew up on this street but not in this house.  We had a neighbor who lived next door to us who owned her home and this cottage the land with.  she adored my 1962 she sold this to my parents for a song..... she really wanted to give it to them but my parents would not have it.  They had NO money and somehow they managed a tiny loan.....sooooo this is the great gift to our family and I am really just the caretaker...Mum and Dad are now here in spirit.. my mum was the greatest gardener and this spot has her soul.... she planted all the bulbs , hundreds of them... she always said " plant bulbs and you will live forever!!!! She was right!!!!!

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  1. What a fab story, those things don't seem to happen anymore. I,m aspiring to have my dream home one day and it will be a little cottage somewhere with a lovely gardenxx