Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Request for Help...just a vote to help animals!

Dear Friends....One of My dearest bloggers has requested some help for friends who are in an Animal rescue "   Little Cotton Rabbits  Is Julie's Blog and this is the link to her.  I know of these people as I followed them when they had a different blog....they are in real need of help as this is a very difficult winter in the UK.  If you could go to Julie's blog and just read her request I would be so grateful . It is only a vote that they require so if you are not up to a small donation do not worry....they just need a vote!  This will allow them to be considered for a donation from a larger group.!!
Please consider at least reading the letter on Julies post!
They said this has been there worst week ever....maybe we can turn it into there best week ever!!!!  Thanks so much!!  Holly

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost done!!!!!!!

Guess what is almost done!!!!!!!! Miss Holly's house!!! Hard to believe this was a tiny garage that had a dirt floor and had a Model A ford in it when I was a little girl!! Built around 1912...

And look what Mr. R. Has done..

I really married the guy you want when your stranded on the desert island!!
He can do anything!!!

I've been painting for the last two days..floor paint then rug..then...........then....MOVE IN !!!
I've not allowed myself to be excited until now...

Lots of windows..

A Champagne celebration!! We had Kir royals.....mmmmmmm

I've been bitten by the trip around the world bug!!! So much fun to do!! Lots of tutorials for this.. " comfortstitching" has a link to it!

Someone noticed this on a sweet..I just want to move in!! Gift from my beautiful mum...

We got a wee bit of snow this morning...yea!!!

I'll have more soon...and an unbelievable before picture!!! Hmmmm not of the snow...the studio!!!!!
And thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post...a few new people and a new follower!!!! So nice!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Real life!!

Dear friends....I have so many wonderful people I follow and who follow me and occasionally some of us go through a difficult time....really.. we all do of course.....some of us have really hard lives and this is our place of solace....
right now a friend I follow is in this place and she has vented a bit on her site....Yea!!  I say that is really what we are all here to do and what we want to do for each other....I know for me that is what it is all about...I think it is amazing how much you can help someone you don't even know with a kind word...or be helped...this is what I really love about all of this the most!!
It is really fun to sort of build our sites and make them visually beautiful but we all know this is not really the reality!!!
still fun though!!!
anyway on top of all that she is dealing with....the world of pinterest is making her feel even worse because....well it looks like some people really have tidyness ...time...done projects...all those things we do want....
I do love pinterest because it gives me ideas...but I can see how if your frame of mind is off it could slide you a little more down the slope...
anyway is my real life post!!!!

 The messy kitchen....
 The messy table...
 The not done dishes...
 the neighbors cat who wants food and if he does not get it will beat up my other we feed him and have built him a house....even though he swats me every chance he gets!!!!

the messy side table.... 
the never ending cleaning of shelves which takes all day and into the next day and looks the same when your done!!!!! 
I have too many cats...they throw up on and off most of the day...I have wood fires that have to be fed all day while they spew dust all over the house and I'm a bit too fat!!!!!  and.....I have no and I mean NO will power....
so there....real life!!!!
Have a great great weekend!!!!
I'm going to make some toast!!!!   with butter!!!!!

P.S.....just walked upstairs to dry my hair and stepped in the cat throw up with white socks  and  proceeded to walk on the white rug into the bathroom!!!
.....real life.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moving in to the new year........slowly....

Well...I took the tree down today...and I was not ready....but as we don't have a big room it has only one place it can go and that means squeezing by it to go up stairs!!! While I don't mind.....Mr.R. Gets a little tired of .....down it came...I always get sad....I hate to think...." another year away!"
We cut the tree at a farm so it is totally fresh and I could not even get a branch to catch in the wood stove it was so green still!!
I am in full project mode....which means...I usually can not sleep....I really don't sleep much anyway....but in full project mode..I can not stop my brain from thinking of all the things I want to do!! Constantly!!!

First..the studio is almost done...I have borrowed this picture from Jenny at "allsorts " blog...who I have been following from day one!! I adore her studio....I think I may have to do red and white...look how beautiful this is! I will hopefully be painting next week!!!

And then......
Pardon the bouncing around....I want SNOW!!! A real storm...not just a few least a foot or more.....

Look how beautiful!! I am beginning to think our snow days are over....:(
I love winter love love it!! I love the cold....the wood fires....the bare trees....the low light...for me it is a cozy time....kitties piled on me...winter meals...not being Hot!!! A break from the garden...
And it is quiet....I think the biggest insult to my senses at this time of life to me is noise...everything is so loud now!!
But not winter...soft and quiet..

Totally into the red and white these days...I have all my reds washed and ready for cutting!!!
There is going to be a red and white something in my life soon!!

Ok.....look at this....first day in the ( very small amount) of snow....this child just melts my heart!!

And this the cutest little fellow!!! Look at the tiny feet!! Oh I just want to pat that ...he is not mine....nine cats???!!
But boy is he cute!!!

More snow dreams....I want to be in one of these houses!!!

Snow...snow...snow....I just get the most peaceful feeling when I look at this....

Totally great pressie from my friend Sophie!!! Love it!! I get mollie makes sent from the u.k. ..I think this is done by the same's wonderful!!

Oh....and I thought I might not have any wine in January....
Guess what...???? Both were gifts....the glass is hand blown glass ...the most beautiful set .....
So I guess I had to try them out!!!

Well....back to my reds and whites!!!! Boy that looks good!!

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