Thursday, December 30, 2010

well so much for my inspiration from julie and julia!

hmmmmmmmmm . don't seem to be able to get here enough....... new years resolution.........

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Julie and Julia!

Watching julie and julia!  such inspiration ! I want  to cook and blog!  yea!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

tooooooooooooooo long!

well, it has been weeks..... a wedding , a trip to paris, putting the garden to bed . Now the Holidays!  my favorite time of the year!  this is just to  let you know I am alive and well and totally in the holiday spirit!!  More to come!  I think some new pics are in order, more in line with the weather. very November!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Getting ready for the wedding!!!!

We are having a wedding here on sept 25th!!!  so exciting !!  this is where the tent will be.  we look out at a salt marsh and across to a river then a barrier beach THEN the ocean!!!  so it is wonderful when the weather is good and a little scary when it is not quite perfect SO there have been lots of prayers.  lots of yard work and house cleaning and   (boo hoo)  no projects.  I keep walking by my  work spot and think Oh!     I'll just pick this up and do a few rows!!!  NO....  but that day will come!!    we will have about 120 people here in just a few days!!!!!!!!    more later!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Really really busy!!

I'm getting ready for a wedding at our home next sat.  so so much to do ! 120 people .  so I'll have lots of pics in a day or so with all the doings!!!!  Happy day all!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some of the family waiting for breakfast!

a few of the members looking for something to eat!!!


kitties always find the best sleeping spots!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


How neat is this!  My neighbors honey bee's have dropped by for a drink.....

Waiting for the storm!!! ... oh dear.....what to do.....

Well, we are all waiting for Mr. earl.... Will we or won't we........I look out to the ocean across a salt marsh. The ocean has been roaring for days.The last big one we had was Bob 1992 ( I think) and before that Gloria 1985  on my birthday !  we had no electricity for a week with Gloria!   not fun!   I usually love storms  but hurricanes are pretty scary................. time will tell........................ So plans for the day!  My one and only crabapple dropped yesterday.  this is from a 98 year old tree.  I  think the colors of this fruit are as beautiful as you can get.  These are my favorite colors all on one apple.I'd like to paint a room these colors!  I think I am just going to look at it and enjoy.  Also I have quince on my quince . very beautiful little fruit.  Maybe Jam???  I've never made quince jam .  have any of you?  is it tasty?  It is so pretty a lovely pink..
I have a granny stripe just about done and a pumpernical bread to make!!!! Lots of tomatoes to eat!  yum! It is going to be very hot hot hot again today so it will be slow moving and hopefully peaceful!  below is my granny stripe.  thank you attic24!  I got the idea from you!
Izzy has a comment....
                                          Two quince and my lovely crabapple.... so so pretty !
                                                    Have a lovely happy day all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My first comment!! yea!!

Wow! I checked my blog the morning and I have my very first comment! I'm so excited! Thankyou Sandiart for making my day! I also love "marmalade rose" and I am going to run to "the quince tree" as soon as I sign off. (sorry I haven't highlighted your blogs I'm not sure how to do that yet....=^..^= )
we are having a lovely rain again today..... I know their are lots of you that don't love or even like rainy days BUT I adore them.. they are cozy to me and peaceful even when we have a real blow off the water like today, I still love them.... I know when I was little mum would send us out the door with slickers and bare feet. we would splash for hours in the puddles. then ride our bikes and they would be very quiet from the lubrication of the rain..... happy memories!! Yea!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A little something from the garden! Yea!


Day one....... Hello all my new friends! I have been reading your lovely posts for a few months now and loving every minute! every day I have a happy happy thing to look forward to and wonderful things to learn and see. thankyou all. it started for me because I was looking for a crochet pattern and I was sent to attic24 and the rest is a very happy history!

So today I am starting with my very first post. I don't know where it will lead but I'm excited! Yea!