Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My first comment!! yea!!

Wow! I checked my blog the morning and I have my very first comment! I'm so excited! Thankyou Sandiart for making my day! I also love "marmalade rose" and I am going to run to "the quince tree" as soon as I sign off. (sorry I haven't highlighted your blogs I'm not sure how to do that yet....=^..^= )
we are having a lovely rain again today..... I know their are lots of you that don't love or even like rainy days BUT I adore them.. they are cozy to me and peaceful even when we have a real blow off the water like today, I still love them.... I know when I was little mum would send us out the door with slickers and bare feet. we would splash for hours in the puddles. then ride our bikes and they would be very quiet from the lubrication of the rain..... happy memories!! Yea!


  1. Hi and welcome to bloggy land. Be warned it can get addictive, but saves a fortune on magazines.


  2. Welcome to blogging!
    I love your jelly bean CUTE!