Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Treasure !!!!

I have found a treasure......I walked into a local shop and saw a few still life paintings on the shelves for sale....well to say I fell in love with this artist would be an I came home and started to tell my best friend and she said " oh my friend Amber has some paintings in that shop...You know her..You met her here..."  Well...I had and I  had no idea she I went to her web site....and  I saw this.........with any luck it will be in my home very soon.....  I found a real treasure in my own back yard!!!!!!
Check out her site....she does all kinds of works.... and they are beautiful!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Dear wonderful friends.....Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!
 A few little projects...
 These were inspired by Lucy at " Attic24"
 Kitties ..warm and cozy...
 This is supposed to be a valentine to a gray kitties mum in New Zealand But....someone wants to work on the computer!!
 Basking in the sunshine!
Miss Pilgrim decides to give mum a wonderful picture!!
Oh...a little bunny I am working on....
                                                     I want you all to know.....How much I appreciate all the blog world has been a wonderful journey and I hope it is just the beginning!!!!

                                                    Love you all!!!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hope springs eternal!

I love living in a place where there are distinct seasons.....and this is the sign of something wonderful!!
 and believe it or not so it this!
 This is the little garage that is the original to the oldest part of our house...1912...this used to house a Model A Ford!   Now it houses ....hmmmmmm pots...lawn mowers.... BUT!!!
 It is going to house......sewing machines and fabric and yarn and thread and ........well you know the rest!  Happy projects!!!
So...we are starting a make over!!!  and you will be following along!!  Mr. Miss a very cleaver fellow indeed and he is starting on this as we speak!  So what do you think!  I am too excited to even believe it is true!!!!!!  We will be doing it all keep it affordable.....
Hard to imagine cloth on a table ready to be cut....but.....excitement!!!!!!  Yea!!