Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Treasure !!!!

I have found a treasure......I walked into a local shop and saw a few still life paintings on the shelves for sale....well to say I fell in love with this artist would be an I came home and started to tell my best friend and she said " oh my friend Amber has some paintings in that shop...You know her..You met her here..."  Well...I had and I  had no idea she I went to her web site....and  I saw this.........with any luck it will be in my home very soon.....  I found a real treasure in my own back yard!!!!!!
Check out her site....she does all kinds of works.... and they are beautiful!!!


  1. This is beautiful...I really love the colours..will definitely visit Amber's website!...
    Susan x

  2. Love the sheen she has got on that red jar - very clever. Should look great on your wall!

  3. What a fantastic painting, it looks magical.

  4. Just lovely. She is so talented. Just wanted to say hello to you! It has taken me awhile to visit everyone!

  5. Lovely painting :-)

    Hello Holly, I have just presented you an award on my blog ( Head over there soon! All the best :-)