Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost done!!!!!!!

Guess what is almost done!!!!!!!! Miss Holly's house!!! Hard to believe this was a tiny garage that had a dirt floor and had a Model A ford in it when I was a little girl!! Built around 1912...

And look what Mr. R. Has done..

I really married the guy you want when your stranded on the desert island!!
He can do anything!!!

I've been painting for the last two days..floor paint then rug..then...........then....MOVE IN !!!
I've not allowed myself to be excited until now...

Lots of windows..

A Champagne celebration!! We had Kir royals.....mmmmmmm

I've been bitten by the trip around the world bug!!! So much fun to do!! Lots of tutorials for this.. " comfortstitching" has a link to it!

Someone noticed this on a sweet..I just want to move in!! Gift from my beautiful mum...

We got a wee bit of snow this morning...yea!!!

I'll have more soon...and an unbelievable before picture!!! Hmmmm not of the snow...the studio!!!!!
And thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post...a few new people and a new follower!!!! So nice!!


  1. Looks gorgeous. I want to see more!


  2. I bet you can't wait to you move in, your going to have fun.

  3. Your studio is beautiful - what a fabulous setting too - a really lovely creative place to enjoy. Hope you will show more pics.

  4. Oh wow, I have studio envy!! You are so lucky. I would just love to have a dedicated space like that!!

  5. Such a wonderful place! can't wait to see your things inside :) have a happy day sweetie

    Bee happy x

  6. Such a fantastic studio!! I am looking forward to you moving wonderful!! Loved your scrappy quilt and the snowy pictures too :)
    Keep cosy!
    Helen x

  7. Lucky you! It is lovely, I know you'll have many happy hours there.

  8. It's charming and lovely! What a beautiful studio it is and what a creative place you'll have to enjoy!!

  9. just gorgeous and a perfect place to create.........


  10. How exciting, I'm very much looking forward to the photos.

  11. Holly, it's getting exciting now. I'll bet you're thrilled and can't wait to move in. It's looking great. I hope we're going to get a 'grand unveiling' post! x

  12. Isn't the scrappy trip block fun? Yours looks great!