Friday, January 11, 2013

Real life!!

Dear friends....I have so many wonderful people I follow and who follow me and occasionally some of us go through a difficult time....really.. we all do of course.....some of us have really hard lives and this is our place of solace....
right now a friend I follow is in this place and she has vented a bit on her site....Yea!!  I say that is really what we are all here to do and what we want to do for each other....I know for me that is what it is all about...I think it is amazing how much you can help someone you don't even know with a kind word...or be helped...this is what I really love about all of this the most!!
It is really fun to sort of build our sites and make them visually beautiful but we all know this is not really the reality!!!
still fun though!!!
anyway on top of all that she is dealing with....the world of pinterest is making her feel even worse because....well it looks like some people really have tidyness ...time...done projects...all those things we do want....
I do love pinterest because it gives me ideas...but I can see how if your frame of mind is off it could slide you a little more down the slope...
anyway is my real life post!!!!

 The messy kitchen....
 The messy table...
 The not done dishes...
 the neighbors cat who wants food and if he does not get it will beat up my other we feed him and have built him a house....even though he swats me every chance he gets!!!!

the messy side table.... 
the never ending cleaning of shelves which takes all day and into the next day and looks the same when your done!!!!! 
I have too many cats...they throw up on and off most of the day...I have wood fires that have to be fed all day while they spew dust all over the house and I'm a bit too fat!!!!!  and.....I have no and I mean NO will power....
so there....real life!!!!
Have a great great weekend!!!!
I'm going to make some toast!!!!   with butter!!!!!

P.S.....just walked upstairs to dry my hair and stepped in the cat throw up with white socks  and  proceeded to walk on the white rug into the bathroom!!!
.....real life.....


  1. Toast with butter sounds great! have a happy weekend sweetie, no matter how much chaos there may be :)

    Bee happy x

  2. You're so right - I used to read too many "Ideal Home" type magazines to get idea's but just got very dissatisfied! Real life isn't all tidy and neat, I have far better things to do! Have a good weekend.

  3. Forget the toast , I had two yes I said two cakes today.
    Life is for living not tidying up.

    1. Love it!!!! I have a box of Christmas chocolates I've been working on!!!

  4. Oh perfect! I love your ode to real life and it had me chuckling - with the cat puke scenario. Thanks for sharing your 'real' life as we say here,"warts and all"

  5. Too true Holly - in the past I've been guilty of thinking that everyone else online lives a perfect life in a perfect home with a seemingly endless bank balance. However, I know it's not true. You've just got to be happy with what you've got. So here's to my own messy home. Hurrah!
    Ps. I had to giggle at the cat puke story.

  6. My real life consists of an elderly cat that throws up on the cream carpet nearly every day!!! Or she doesn't finish her toilet in the litter box haha....squish :( Non dishwasher dishes on the sink everyday because no one else bothers to help around here. Today I attempted to sew a pair of little shoes, gave up after saying very naughty words because the machine wouldn't work properly and I couldn't sew straight and they were so fiddly to do.....I kept at it for 3 hours, but sometimes you just have to know when to give up. Have made a coffee and reading blogs to calm down before I pick up my crochet. I am tired after my first week back at work because I only had two weeks holiday in a whole year and I don't feel as if I have had any rest at all and so on and so forth :) :) :) The little hedgehog in your last post is adorable and that little girl is just gorgeous......and toast sounds wonderful xoxox Sandi

  7. So true, I can't wait to see what's at home for me after two weeks away, overgrown garden that's all dryer out because it been over 40 for days on end and holiday washing. Yuck.

  8. Oh wow! I'm so glad its not just me.... I spend my life chasing mess, mine and the kids, and never seem to make any inroads. Thankfully I miss out on the cat throw up but I seem to spend every day chasing black dog hair!!!
    Sooo good to check in your real life, makes me feel almost sane and certainly not alone. Just tucked into fresh bread myself with butter and strawberry jam...yum!! :o)

    1. Oh Ash....I love the phrase " chasing mess...." that's it exactly!!!

  9. Happy Saturday Holly! I want you to know how much I appreciated your sharing your story with me and leaving such thoughtful and supportive comments on my blog. It really meant so much, and has helped enormously to know that there are those like you who understand.

    I also enjoyed this post because it shows me that we have a few more things in common! And while I really love Pinterest you remind me of the need to just do what I can, don't sweat the details and stop comparing my life to a picture perfect pinterest board! :-) THANK YOU for that, and this post--You really have given me a much needed lift!! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. yep some days real life sucks, but them I remember everyone else must be going through the same things and we're all there for one another. Great post to bring us all back down to earth.

    Gill in Canada

  11. Miss Holly, it sounds like we have a lot in common. Starting with stuff all over the house, moving into embroidery, crochet, quilting and fabric, and ending with being cat people (although I don't have a cat of my own at present). Pleased to meet you. Kelly

  12. This is hilarious! Love it!!!!


  13. Oh when I stop laughing, I will write something sensible!!

    Just having some toast now, would like butter but know I wouldn't be able to stop after 2 slices!!
    Do I spy a wonderful Brambly Hedge plate in the dishwasher?.....I would love to live in their world.... Tigger insists on throwing up fur balls on the roof of my new car, grrr!!
    Real life .....isn't it wonderful it's comforting to know that we all deal with the same stuff on a day to day basis.
    Wonderfully honest post......

    CLaire :}

  14. I ended up at your blog from going to Bunny Mummy who had Curlew Country who had you and was so pleased to see your pictures of your real house because I walk in the door and look around and things are just messy and it seems no matter how often I put things away and straighten it all up it ends up looking the same again. No kitties, but a couple of little dogs that seems to bring in enough dirt and leaves for the whole household. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Thanks for stopping by ....I love seeing a new name!!! Curlew country is one of my all time FAVORITE sites....she is the most lovely person!!! I want to get right into her site!!!

  15. oh my, LOL. I think we can all relate to those real life keeps our feet on the ground as we step around the cats and the throw up. Have a great weak!

  16. Replies
    1. Ohhhhhhh!! I love you too miss kayla!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Oh my gosh,I thought I was the only one haha.
    I read people's blogs and think...don't they do any housework or cooking ,do they just sew all day.
    Love your blog,just found it on someone else's.
    You are a real girl and tell the truth .lol.
    I am going to take photos of my messy house now,and be ashamed no longer.
    Laura xx