Friday, April 22, 2011

Making progress on my pretty lady.........

This is my after hours project...but.... she is coming along.. we do learn with every project and this lesson is pick your fabric carefully... I should have used something a little stronger because the stitching pulls the fabric in... I think I will be able to fix it and I may be the only one who sees it but still. when you put a lot of work into something use the best.. the fabric is good it is just a loose weave should have used something with more substance!  Happy Day All you lovely people out there!!!!  = ^..^ =  


  1. This embroidery is beautiful, so much work! Your bulbs are beautiful too, oh how I love Spring, I guess something to look forward to. We are being spoilt with lovely weather here, although the last couple of days haven't been sunny, tomorrow is promising to be beautiful with more to follow. Not bad for late Autumn.
    x Sandi

  2. A lovely blog, thank you Miss Holly. You are obviously very talented, the embroidery is wonderful.. I am really looking forward to following your blog. Jude x

  3. hello!
    I'll give you many compliments, you're talented!
    I wish you a happy Easter,
    a kiss

  4. oh how lovely! I am very in love with your kittens...if only dogs and cats could live in peaceful harmony

  5. Did you try to use a light weight iron on interfacing on the back? It probably isn't too late to try it. I am working with linen right now, and it is so unstable. The interfacing was just the ticket!! Your work is beautiful. I wonder where in NE you are located?