Wednesday, April 13, 2011

not quite finished....... then what????

The problem at this point... the almost finished point is what to do with it????  Pillow?  under glass??? block in a quilt????  So what I have now is a pile of " now what do I do's???"   any ideas would be welcome!  I think Pillow but then what material should I use???/  then o.k. maybe under glass.. o.k. then what frame???  My latest thought is frame the square with a material then frame under glass....hmmmmmmm  help me... help me.....
Made lots of progress on my lovely lady.  The dress is almost done and I started the hat.....but then I thought... I really should make a dress for the little bunny I watch!  she is one... so so sweet!   So I started a dress and am embroidering the bodice..  Pictures tomorrow!  I hope!!  still having some trouble with the computer....grrrrrrr..  I'm thinking Apple!!!!!!   So, back soooooooon!


  1. Your embroidery is beautiful, no help I'm afraid, don't have any suggestions apart from I would probably frame them so they keep forever.
    x Sandi

  2. Block in quilt, but a hanging quilt, Art for the wall!! beautiful fabric borders , hanging rod, on the wall, you can look at it forever!!!!!!! Thanks for the comment over at mine, nice to 'meet' you!! xxxNoelle

  3. You sound to live in the most idyllic spot I'm really envious. Have a wonderful Easter.