Wednesday, August 24, 2011

For Helen!!

 This is a special posting for my dear friend Helen...She has just moved back to New Zealand from the U.S. She grew up in N.Z. so it is her real home. but she has lived here for many years....she has done this for her dear amazing thing to do....Her Kitties have only known her all their lives and so I invited them to live with us as we already have 6 and really how hard is it to have 2 more!!  I have always loved these two sweet kitties.... As you can imagine this has been a gut wrenching thing for my dear friend to have do... to leave her pets of 13 years.. ..This is a post of their progress...which Thank God has been great!!!  They are the best kitties!!   So here you are Helen!!  Your babies sending you love and purrrrrrrrrs..
 Mr. Kabuki in his new favorite chair!
 Dear Miss Pilgrim and her bed and dinner on her little table cloth!
 The Kitty Wicker nest that they both seem to love!!  we will be buying another!! look at those little feet!!  she likes to cross them....who couldn't love her......she is very shy so we move very slowly...
 sorry about the pic color....Mr. K's viewing bed...out the back door!!
 Miss P. tries out the other bed!!
 Helen is the most incredible basket maker and this is I believe her most beautiful ever!!  I am now the very proud owner ...Thank you my dear friend!!  This is Mr. Gus giving it a try!!  I could fit 3 kitties!!
Mr. K. says this is MY Kitty nest!!!
Well ...dear Helen just a few pictures to show you they are being well taken care of and are doing really well!!  We love you!!!


  1. What a thoughtful post, it must be a great relief for her to know that her cats are so happy and well cared for.

  2. How lovely. That was so sweet of you to take in your friends kitties. Hugs,

  3. Sweet! You are the best! They get along fine with your other cats?

  4. You are all so nice! We are able to have the new kitties in the original house which is a tiny cottage attached by an entryway... and Mr. miss holly made a tall gate so the kitties can see each other and sniff but not get into a tangle!! We have done this before and it worked...our wildest outdoor rescues now sleep on the couch and the other kitties all wash each other!!! It takes time but for us is so worth it!!!

  5. It is really great of you to take your friend`s kitties - at this age they can have still plenty of years but they wouldnt' want to move around half the earth. they seem to be comfortable with how everything is and with today's technology you can make Helen see them each day with a new picture :-) Hugs to you and to Helen - it must have been hard to leave them even if you know they will be well cared of!
    Tina in Germany

  6. They're doing so well, well done to you for getting them so settled and hugs to the lady who had to leave them - hope it is good to be back in the home country. Best wishes.

  7. Gosh I don't know how I did it, but have missed two posts. The pickles look delicious, so if you would like to share the recipe I would love it.
    You are a dear friend to take on the kitties, but I can understand why, they are gorgeous and look right at home with you.
    You look gorgeous there with your lovely Fiffy.
    x Sandi