Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1st!! The Garden and Kitties......The Diamond Jubilee!!

 well...the porch is open!!
 The summer sneakers are out!
 The porch bed is made!
 The kitties are Happy!
 The peonies are blooming!
 The iris are blooming!
 The fringe tree is blooming!

 The ferns have unfurled!

 to about 2 and 1/2 feet!!
 the kitties are following me around!

 The wild roses are blooming!!
 The daisies are spreading!
 The kitties are watching!
 The water iris are blooming!
 The cat o' nine tails are exploding!!!

 The woods are so green!!
Rusty taking a nap........the sweet little man.......
and with all........this.....going on ....I have so little time for stitching..........
But!!  I am working on a sampler pattern.....and I am gearing up to start the shop!!!!
however more lettuce must be planted and the cukes and the squash......
Lots of happy thoughts to you all....and a special wonderful weekend to all my friends in U.K.!!
The Diamond Jubilee!!!!


  1. Oh my, your grey kitty looks 'exactly' like our Frederick..they could be twins. And, Lola Nova - Whatever Lola Wants, blog, has another kitty that looks the same, named Buddha kitty.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Wow your garden looks so beautiful at the moment I would love to be able to grow peonies.

  3. Everything in the garden looks lovely, such pretty cats.

  4. What lovely summery photos, have a lovely weekend.

  5. Your garden looks so pretty - enjoy your weekend x

  6. Your garden is really lovely!! I also love your porch and am envious of those great summer sneakers--I gotta get me a pair of them!! :-)

  7. Oh please let me come stay - ill take the porch bed!! Your place in the world looks just beautiful!
    Happy Jubilee from a proud Brit

  8. love your screened in porch and day bed

  9. This is lovely photo post. I loved your daisies a lot. They are really pretty. And oh yes, the joy of having cute pies following you around, I understand how sweet that is :-) Hope you have some wonderful time.


  10. lovely yard and porch...summertime has arrived