Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm's a Comin !!!!!!!!

This was the back marsh covered in a flood tide several days ago......we are in for a lot more than this...may be the likes we've never seen before...this is looking down a we should be protected from flooding....but the houses you see in the distance...are on a barrier beach...they could be in big trouble...
I love a good storm but.....not like this...farther south on the coast is preparing for the worst..I feel so for these people...leaving your home to unknown danger is so horrible...this is going to be a very interesting few days...

This was the post I thought I would be doing...the last harvest and the last few flowers...

My favorite chrysanthemum ...

Sorry John G..... But I love autumn....look at that beautiful leaf !!!

Lots of hot peppers...!!! They are in the dryer now!!!

I thought I would be enjoying these leaves for a few more days.. But ..most of them are stuck to the screens!!! is nerve wracking waiting for is blowing like crazy already..and we are still hours away...
To all my nice friends out there in the path of this I will be saying lots of prayers for you and your careful!!!!!
I'll be knitting and sewing probably in the dark for the next few days!! Be safe!!
P.s. My dear old dad would always start the day Of a big storm by saying. .....
...." Girls..... It's a wild wild day on the coast of Boozer Brown!!! "
I don't know where it ever came from but he said every storm of my entire life!!! And now I say it!!!!


  1. We are thinking of you all, we had a big discussion at the morning tea table at work this morning, we don't get those kind of storms this far South in NZ. Hope you all stay safe and sound and the rest of the US comes out of the storm ok.

  2. I do hope the storm misses you and you do get any damage. Take care.

  3. I hope you are all safe and sound and the storm has passed by now.

  4. Have just been watching the morning news, what a terrible disaster. Hope you are and family and friends are all ok.