Friday, March 1, 2013

Red wings!!!

This is a sure sign of spring..the day the redwings arrive...they have one of the most beautiful calls and I start listening the last week of feb. this year it was the 26th!!! I could just tell it was the day .... It had a special feel to was one of my dads favorite days of the year!!! He would shout "they're here... they're here!!!"
In the next few days it would be one ...then a few more and then by weeks end the trees would be
full... Well... They're here!!!! The trees are full and spring is on its way!!!!

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  1. We have them around our place too..their songs are truly beautiful, indeed!

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  2. YAY!! True harbingers of spring!! I'm excited for you!!

  3. Hope it keeps getting warmer for you.

  4. Oh the redwings are beautiful. I will show my dad as he is quite a twitcher as we call bird enthusiasts here. He feeds the birds in his garden and attracts some really rare to see birds. Lovely!

  5. Our Red Wings were back about two weeks ago! I enjoy seeing them too, I just wish they didn't gobble up every single seed and every little bite of suet at the feeders! :-)

  6. They're beautiful hopefully Summer is only around the corner!

  7. Happy, Happy Spring!!! I look forward to seeing your gardens grow! Hopefully I'll learn a thing or two from you.