Saturday, April 13, 2013

 Now that my computer is fixed I can download a few more pics from the memory quilt...
It started as just a pieced quilt and we ( the mum and myself)  decided on the  embroidery after the glad we did!!
 I love buntings!
 Mr. holding the quilt in the sewing studio!!
 I am really happy with this... I think the S is my favorite...the others are just fun things...

 little Sophie has a nightlight in her room and it projects the constellations ..
This was the last embroidery I did and it was because I went to a school concert and Sof brother was in the jazz band and the entire concert Sophie stood in front of her mum and conducted with such gusto through the entire concert!!!  I had told them the quilt was done and that night I said they would have to wait a little longer as I had just thought of one more embroidery to add!!


  1. Lovely quilt, I love the embroidery.

  2. love your quilt. we love to do for our grands

  3. What talent you have to make such a beautiful and lovely quilt that is going to be a treasure for the years ahead!!

  4. The quit is looks so lovely you have done a great job, it will be a treasure.

  5. That is absolutely gorgeous, something to really treasure.

  6. You do such exquisite work, love your embroidery.
    xx Sandi

  7. I have never made a quilt! I sure do admire those that can make them. I like quilts and maybe someday I can learn how to make it. This is a lovely one! The embroidery is owesome!!