Sunday, October 27, 2013

To all my friends in the storms path....

To all my friends in the U.K......

As my dear old dad always said...." batten down the hatches....and hang to the riggin!!!!"
Hope you are all safe and sound during the storm.....

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  1. Not too bad in our neck of the woods yet although it's moving our way, staying home today!

  2. It missed us - passed us right by after all the dramatic predictions. Storm in a teacup and I am thankful! I know those further south have not fared so well however and it has been chaos!

  3. Hope this finds all well with better weather!

  4. I read this post, but apparently was so caught up in the cute picture, I forgot to comment. I return today to check in with you and see you've been too busy to post! I hope you are doing wel and that you have a wonderful Thanksgivingl.