Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold but.......Sunny!!!!!

Well, still no computer so no pics. Just have my iPad and I don't have pics on it yet!! I have a very different (for me ) embroidery to show. I usually do whimsical things. I'm working on two actually. One is a little fairy house. I got the idea from two little boys who were just in Ireland. They visited a lovely woods with little fairy houses all through it......I thought hmmmmmm. That might be a fun series of embroideries to do. The other is what I call a serious one. I love Kate Greenaways illustrations so I am doing a regency era woman sitting holding a hat, using one of her beautiful illustrations. I found this oval frame at an estate sale just right for this sort of piece. Then I am going to add flowers around the edges. So so fun!! Hopefully ,I can show you soon! Thanks to the new comments from new is so fun to have comments from such nice people . I really appreciate every one!!! See you soon ...I hope...and thank you so much!!!!!!


  1. Its a nightmare not having a computer. You dont realise until its not there just how much it is missed. Love your header, its so pretty!

  2. Hi, thank for calling in. I've just been admiring your embroidered clothes lines, they are wonderful and such an original idea.