Saturday, March 19, 2011

A finished embroidery!

  I just LOVE clothes lines!  This is one of quite a few embroideries I've designed with a clothes line theme...  I just start with the clothes line and go from there!  this one is going to be in a frame...  Happy Day all!!


  1. this is beautiful, your so clever I can, knit, crochet, and quilt but I can't embroider. Sister Madeline and Mrs McKevity gave up at me at Standard 4, I was 8 and I have never tried again.I envy your view from your bed, so soothing to hear the sea but what's a storm like, it must get a bit frightening.

  2. Auntie Bee, You must be a fan of one of my favorites " Andy of Mayberry ". Well, you are so nice to say such nice things but believe me anyone can embroider! It is like coloring for grown ups! So give another try! We have beautiful view. Our family has been very lucky. I grew up on this little street and this property was a 1912 summer cottage. The little old lady who owned it loved my parents and gave it to them in 1962!! So I cherish it and treat it as the incredible gift it has been to our family! It does get a bit wild at times but I do love a good storm now and then ( as long as everyone is safe) Thank you again. Miss Holly