Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer porch..summer projects...

A new tablecloth!    I love it..water resistant... 
French.... I am an orange lover and has olive branches on it!!
 Mr. miss Holly..breakfast on the porch..the vegetable garden behind him..
 A very foggy morning...we have had LOTS of rain...I happen to be a rainy day lover but most people want to kill me when I mention I try not to...but rain on the roof...the sound of it..the smell of everything is so clean..I don't know just makes me feel peaceful...
 lots and lots of is so so so so good....
 Kind of a silly little project but I have this thing about chickens....I was looking at vintage crochet potholders and saw an similar I thought...I can figure this it is not really the same but it has the right feel...
 Another chicken...trying a few different ways to make them...and under it my feedsack quilt...really an excuse to vw bus... I saw this somewhere on a card
I think and thought " what a cool embroidery it would make..."  I would like to do a bunch in different colors....for a pillow???
 Miss chicken...this one is my own design....I know I know.... more chickens...
 and this little fellow is my design wooley.....lots of french knots...
Anyway... I really need to FINISH a few projects...but I just have so so so many things I love to do.... I really must consider not sleeping....  Happy Friday to all you really nice people.....xoxo

Coming soon.... at seaview cottage.....
            Favorite Books...
            My incredible mother
            A visit to the Adirondack Mts.


  1. GOSH!!!! You are really clever, I couln't embroider like that, your work is super, looking forward to your future blogs:-). Thank you Judith x

  2. Loving the embroidery, especially the sheep, you know us kiwi's and our sheep.Was Mr Holly hiding behind the paper?

  3. Oh I love your chook (and the sheep) haha Mr hiding, is he shy??
    x Sandi

  4. Breakfast on the porch seems like a perfect thing to do! And I do love your projects! Thanks for visiting my blog! ;-)x

  5. Thank you for your visit, Miss Holly! Oh it is such a gorgeous place you live in--I studied in Maine, New England is probably my second favorite place in the world, aside from here... I miss it so terribly!
    And I also looooooooove your Rusty, he looks a lot like my Smartie :( and I miss him so much too...

  6. These pot holders are too cute tob e real!!! I think I can figure out how you made them and will have them for my kitchen, too. Do you think that’s a problem?
    Your porch and veggie garden are beautiful, great plae to sit!c

  7. Thanks so much for your offer, but you don't need to write it down, I think I can do it from the pictures!!!

  8. Hope you don't mind but I think I will copy your pot holders too!