Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th weekend!!!******** !!!!!!!**********!!!!!!********

 The first raspberries are starting to ripen!!!  Jam...mmmmm...when I was a little girl mum would make usually one batch of jam..maybe 5 jars.... and it was like gold in our house..special occasions only.....each jar saved until we could hardly stand it!!....but one day each summer she would open a jar...with a fresh loaf of bread...... and lots of sweet butter..... she would let us eat raspberry jam toast all day was heaven on earth...big pieces of butter melting and mixing with the jam... the jam spread right to the edges of the bread.... I can still taste it......

 The american pillar always blooms for the 4th!
 the vegetable garden...
 The american pillar on the garden entryway arbor....
 A new crochet project...I think it will probably hold yarn...!!  I am going to line it I think..  I am having so much fun playing with stitches....
 Have you all heard or seen the new magazine  " Molly Makes"  it is is a british publication but I down loaded it on my Ipad....couldn't find it in the states.......Yet! ... anyway it is full of ideas and quite a few bloggers have shown up in the first two issues!!  attic24, comfortstitching...posy gets cosy, just a few who I've been following... This little embroidery is my version of one of the embroideries shown....I used a small piece of flour sack material for the flower pot...this is a very different style of embroidery for me but it is really really fun!  Charlotte Lyons is the designer who did the piece in Molly Makes....check out her site she is really talented!!  ( still can't figure out how to hyperlink...... : (
 I'm really loving the red and aqua color scheme....
O.k.  so what is this ?????  a pink kitty foot....this makes me just want to put my full face right in the pink tummy of my little Rusty.......  =^..^=


  1. Everything looks so summery and 'mouthwatering'! Lovely photos of your garden plants and I like your little stitchery.

  2. Happy 4th July. (I have 2 American friends at school drop off, and they told me that is what you say!)
    I hope your having a fab day, love your photos:-) Judith x

  3. What a gorgeous looking garden. The last photo made me smile-poor Rusty!

  4. Great Photo! Who are those cute boys?

  5. I love kitty paws too, those little pink pads :)
    Raspberry jam mmmmm, yummm. Your embroidery is gorgeous and I LOVE your little crochet 'basket' Thank goodness we can download Molly Makes otherwise I would be a very pouty girl, telling all and sundry that 'it's not fair' I still haven't made the apple cosy yet that I promised my daughter. Still on the blanket and have been making little bags for ballet shoes.
    x Sandi

  6. Bon Voyage, France is lovely, have a great vacationxx

  7. Everything looks so warm and carefree, I'm loving the soon to be crocheted basket. I am looking out for Molly Makes here in NZ but haven't seen it yet it looks a great magazine.Raspberry jam and fresh warm bread, heaven.

  8. Ah the foot! is a triumph, great photo! So happy, thanks very much for your kind comment. Enjoy that American Pillar,it does look spectacular,

    Sarah x