Friday, July 29, 2011

There's no place like home........

I am sososososososososososo glad to be HOME!!!!
 We were in the south of France which was wonderful..then home, clean, mow, wash clothes, pack again and to the Adirondack Mts.  and now............Home..... Home.. I am so so happy to be home...and home is where my heart is......  a new oilcloth from France!!  we bought it in a open air market.. Love the poppies!!  some new yarn... also from France...I'm trying out different ideas....yes another project....
 My yard.....yea!!  My little pool...that I love because I do not do well in the heat ......and this cures it!! The day we left for the Mts. was the hottest day we have ever had here....100+
 The porch....where I am going to live for a few days!!!!
 This is a little fuzzy but...Look at the color!!!!   it takes my breath away it is so beautiful!! squash  flowers...
 The normal time for us to pick first tomatoes is the first of August...I start my plants in march and put them out as big plants and I have been picking my first around July 4th.....but not this year ....I was late ..then we were away so...I just picked the first three!!   I do have some really big fellas getting there anything  more wonderful that the first tomato sandwich!!!!!  soft white bread ..mayo....and fresh ground pepper!!! yummmmmmm!!!
 I found this lovely thing in a shop in corde sur ciel... it is a hand painted cloth lampshade....poppies!!

 This is a seashell cosmos..surrounded by flowering cilantro!!  wouldn't you like to just sit inside the little cups!!
My kitties........ I so missed them....these two have never hugged like this sweet and soft....grandmother and granddaughter..... yea!! I'm home!!!!!


  1. I am your home, love that lamp shade very pretty. Your garden is looking good.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be home, the cats are obviously delighted! So glad your enjoying France, it is pretty Fab! My younger son is here and we're going to cook a cassoulet!! So watch my blog ( probably 6/7 days!). Lots of love x

  3. Everything looks so different when you come back from a holiday, like you are looking through fresh eyes. I adore Poppies and fresh home grown tomatoes and kitties.
    x Sandi

  4. I am loving the pretty lampshade, and the pool looks so inviting. You have the sun and we still have snow still lying about, but we are over the thrill of snow,although everyone I know man, woman and child all made snowmen. There are still big lumps of black snow around, it's the liquefaction silt which has made it so black. The man at the petrol station said there is more snow to come, I'd rather have your sunny days of cats and a lovely pool.

  5. Such a beautiful garden.

  6. Glad you are home and getting rested up! Your garden is so pretty! There is nothing better than new yarn to work with is there?? I love your kitty cats! blessings,Kathleen

  7. Hooray to be home! I am a home bird too, love to travel but love home even more! Glad you had a brilliant trip to France - I am planning an Autumn trip when the train fares are cheaper!

    Sarah x

  8. I like this tablecloth. So bright and cheerful! Your hydrangea is gorgeous! And the kitties are too cute in their cuddle.

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is lovely. I know about saltmarshes having lived on the Cape for many years. Your blog is lovely and you have many of the same interests I do. Yes, the Adirondacks are pretty impressive. Hope you come back and get a chance to get to the top of Whiteface mountain.

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. And I am really loving your photos. So pretty! Love how cozy your kitties look together. I am hoping my Molly and Oliver will become good friends but so far...all they do is fight.

  11. Hello from Brazil! Your hydrangea is gorgeous!IN my country this name is "hortencia"...I like your sorry about my