Friday, September 9, 2011

Rain...tomatoes .....cats....pickles....'

 Our poor old apple tree.....99 years only 1/3 the tree it was before Irene...The gent that built the first part of the house, farmed this little piece of land and  planted the trees in 1912..there were 7 apple trees , one crabapple, two cherries and one pear when mum and dad became the owners...I just love this is a Baldwin you don't see too often any more...well. we still have one branch left!!! and it is loaded with there!
Pictures for Helen!
 Dear Miss P.  is really starting to relax...she is a very shy little girl...this is her new bed!
 This fellow is quite the explorer!!!!!  on everything....under everything.... he is a dear dear boy!!
 Helping me cook!!   His tail likes to he lies near me !!
 Poor little Rusty.....we always know when the weather changes because this fellow does not like the cold at all..we have to cover him up and double up the blankets .....His littles ears get pale ...poor little pink kitty......... = ^..^ =
 When the hurricanes come and go the garden always seem to just explode!!!  and boy is it ever !!.....!!
 We can not eat tomatoes  fast time to make a huge pot of tomato sauce!!!
 several hours on the stove and then into the deep freeze!!
 A lovely simple tomato sauce!!!!  the house smells divine!!  For those of you who wanted the pickle recipe...Here it is!  I hope my directions are clear enough...please feel free to mail me with any questions!
Mr Wolks polish dill pickles!
I usually double this recipe and use the large Quart Jars because we eat them so fast!
this is the original Not doubled recipe....
4 lbs of pickling cucumbers or so  ( I just buy a big sack and use them all )
one bunch of fresh dill washed and rinsed well. I use the leaves not the flowers...
(I do not use dried dill ever for this recipe)
8 cloves of garlic or so to taste
4 tablespoons pickling spice 
1  1/2 cups white vinegar
1/2 cup kosher salt
5 cups water
4 quart jars or several smaller ones

Wash and dry the jars ----put the lids in a small saucepan with water to cover and put them on the stove and bring them to a boil.......then let sit in the hot water until ready to use
Put the water.. vinegar and salt into a large pan and bring to a simmer
Put one tablespoon or so ( can be less ) of pickling spice in each jar...a few slice garlic cloves 
Then slice the cukes into thick slices about 3/4 of an inch.layer cukes and a few sprigs fresh dill until to the top of the jar ..You can really pack them in tightly...
sometimes I sprinkle some of the spice on top and some on the bottom.
Now take your hot water and carefully pour it into the jars...I find the best way is to put the water into a pyrex measuring quart container..then it easily pours into the jars..
Full to 1/2" from the top  then  clean the glass edges and put on your tops.. 
Seal tightly.....the jars then sit out for 3 days....then chill and eat when they are cold...

I do not processes these because they will lose there crunch...they MUST  be kept in the fridge.. not on a shelf........I make about 25 jars a year and we just used last years last jar...they were exactly as they were the day we first opened them!!
They were all kept in the fridge until used.
You can use thick sliced green tomatoes or string beans instead of cukes in this recipe if you want.  Just make sure for any choice that you pour very HOT vinegar water over what ever you choose.
Happy cooking!!
Today is sewing day ( I hope ) that means Inspector Lewis... or Foyles War or Upstairs Downstairs or Midsummer Murders or Downton Abbey or Anything Jane Austen.. or...... Room with a View...or...House of Elliot.. Inspector Moorse or Forsyste Saga!!!!    
Oh that Maggie Smith.....  "What is a ....week.... end........."   ( Downton Abbey )
There is really no point in watching anything but!!!
Yes..I did just find the colored type.......Happy day and weekend to all you really wonderful people!! and Thanks for all the kind words of  concern about Irene...xxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. I'd choose Lewis or Foyles War! Your sauces and pickles look so tasty, and the cats are so cute!

  2. That is a shame about the apple tree. Hopefully, it will survive. I grew up on a farm and my stepfather’s grandfather had planted a small orchard of apple trees along one of the edges of a field. I have no idea how old they were. I remember those apples were so good and my mother made the best apple dumplings with them. I imagine storms is what done them in. Thanks for the dill pickle recipe. We had such a hot dry summer in coastal NC my cukes didn’t do very well. Maybe next year. I did have some of the best tomatoes I have ever grown this year and did manage to freeze some. I sure did enjoy my daily tomato and bacon sandwiches. I eat very little meat, so I’m blaming the rise in my cholesterol on the bacon! It was worth it though! Lastly, we have the same taste in British programs. I have accumulated a large collection and enjoy watching them over and over! If Eastenders would come on PBS every evening, I would be a happy camper! Enjoy reading your blog and I love the cats!


  3. The poor apple tree, they are very hardy and I bet it has a few years left yet.

  4. Thats so sad about the tree. I have to say the home made sauce looks lovely xx

  5. Hi, those tomatoes look good. To answer your question about SR flour we have two kinds of cake flour plain and SR Self Raising flour .

  6. My tomatoes are bubbling away as I write. Next week we will have our kitchen ripped out, so it's my last chance to preserve everything. You're right about the aroma.... wonderful.

  7. Hi, just finally got caught up and wanted to say hello. So sad to see wonderful old trees like this destroyed. Maybe if you can trim it up, the other branch will keep on going. Love all of those sweet kitty cats! blessings,Kathleen

  8. I love kitty pictures! And your little Rusty looks so cozy under that pretty blankie!

  9. Glad to have discovered your very interesting blog, liking the recipes!
    Isabelle x

  10. Hello Miss Holly,

    Lovely little blog here. I love your kitties and your tomatoes! :)

    I do hope I really can get to Paris one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comments. :)

    Have a good week.