Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We seem to be coming to the end of the tomatoes...........Mind you we have had heaps!!............. but...there is nothing like a home grown tomato...
 This is a photo of the sweetest little girl...who is starting to feel quite comfortable in her new digs!! she is just the dearest little thing.....
 Mr. K is loving the sunny spot in front of the door....
 Projects!!  I just adore feed sack fabrics..  I've had these for quite a while and finally........a the plan is to edge my feedsack scrap quilt that I have been working has been in past is really a medium for embroidery....I am embroidering many of the white squares with this and real theme  just I used a jelly roll and sewed them into one long sheet of strips..
 I just love these fabrics!!
 I ironed the lot and then proceeded to cut them into strips of squares ( about 3 inches )

 really....the rotary is the best!!
 How sweet these all look......I think I have way to many but I am sure I'll use them for edging some of my embroideries....
 It just makes me happy to look at them!!!!
 This is a little kitty I have made for my neighbors little girl...she is turning 2 on the 23rd of this month and I have a skirt made from this fabric...she loves to point out all the fruits...I put a soft and snuggly fabric on the back...this little darling girl was only 1lb 9 oz when born and she is amazing....I just adore her....
 Preview of coming attractions........I just adore me it is the absolute best season of all...I am very lucky in that I love winter I am in my glory at this time of year!!!  It is not even close to this yet here.... but soon!!!!!!!!!!!  I don't know what it is but I just feel Happy in the Fall..almost euphoric...I don't know why....but I am very glad..
I think I may edge this embroidery with one of my feed sack quilts ....I love doing clothes line designs..I am planning on a big one soon..sort of a wall hanging....but  ...I think...I better ....finish....a few things first!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The piles of not quite done are growing.....ever taller!!!
I have so many things I want to work on...I can barely sleep..and the garden will have to be put to bed soon.. a huge job..and dare I say ......the holidays....are looming around the corner!!
Vacation next picking...and eating.....bicycle riding....fall beach visits!! yea!!

Thank you to all the lovely people that left comments after the 9-11 post...Not an easy thing to write about.....all your thoughts were very kind and thoughtful.....

Lots and lots of happy thoughts to you all out there ..and Heaps of hugs !!  xxxxx


  1. I just love that embroidery so pretty. Nice colour in the trees ours are all soft green with the new growth.

  2. You are such a busy and creative person. What a delightful gift for your neighbour's child. And I love the photo in your header, is ita local shop? How delightful:-)

  3. The embroidery is so sweet :) I love the fabrics as well...Fall is also my favorite time of year!

  4. Nothing sweeter than kitty cats! Love what you are doing with the fabric. It looks so cheery! Did you do that pretty embroidery?? blessings,Kathleen

  5. Loving your header all things yummy. Now what is feed sack material, is it the weave or thickness?? Your embroidery is so sweet and so are those kitties.
    x Sandi

  6. I'm glad the cats have settled, the embroidery is so cute and clever. Enjoy your holiday, the morning is bright and warm here, spring is in full on mode, about time we are all heartily sick of the cold.

  7. Hello :)
    Thank you for the lovely comment you left me some days ago!
    Oh red nightmare! We've still a lot of them in our veggie garden, I fear I'll have tomatoes for lunch and dinner till Xmas this year, LOL!
    Happy weekend x

  8. I love the look of the feed sacks too. And love your kitties.

  9. Lovely fall feel to this post! I love your feed sack fabrics and the little clothes line embroidery is adorable.
    Have a happy autumn week.
    Helen x

  10. I love feedsack fabrics too - they look so good together, and will complement the embroidery, I am sure.

    Pomona x

  11. You are so right about the coming of Autumn and Winter, the anticipation always gives you a warm cosy feeling. Lovely fabrics. You've made me want to start a new project but the trouble is I have a number of things I really must finish before I do. Have a lovely 'seasonal' weekend. Eli x

  12. I am so envious of those homegrown tomatoes.

    And I absolutely love the last patchwork photo. It really is gorgeous.

  13. Oh, my...I am loving these fabrics!

  14. So nice to stumble upon your blog today. Like you, I love autumn and winter too. Getting ready for snuggly nights in doing crochet and quilting! Bliss....!