Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's been too long!

 Well I have been a very bad blogger of late..I really need at least 10 more awake hours for all I want to do every day!  and then toss in all the things we Have to do....anyway lots to tell!!
As you can see our new members are doing very well!!
           ***   Oh and the picture on the top of my site is of the Morning Glory Farm stand.. on Martha's of my favorite places on earth!!

 We added a bird feeder out this window for kitty observation!!
 This fellow likes to be where the action is and I would like to say he is no help here!!  Lieing on the laundry is not helping!!!
 This is our entryway and the little shy girl has braved her way here!  The sun pours in here and kitties do love the sun!  God I love this little girl....she is so so sweet....
 This fellow is cousin vinny...he does not live here......well I guess he sort of does...we feed him...he has a summer bed and chair ....this is his take away window...he sits here when he wants my attention.....oh and he also has a heated outdoor glass covered (so he can see us ) winter maybe he does have a membership...his owner does not care for ...we do...When I feed him he now does a prrrt and then he swats me!  I sneak a pat in when I can....he is not fixed so he is a little bold!
 O.k so is this the cutest little guy ever!!!!!  This is his first picture !!  NO...he is not ours....8 + vinny is enough!  He is my next door neighbors new little fellow!  still nameless....any ideas?????? I like Eddie ..  he has the cutest little tail you have ever seen...we already adore him!
 I think my Fall post was a little early......since I wrote it we have had summer all over again..I am so so so ready for it to be a little chilly!!!!!!!!! a little something under 80 Please!!!!.This is a very foggy day in our backyard....
  Walking down to the salt marsh...I love this walk...
We see deer here all the time now...
 Some one is following me!   Dear dear Buster....My sweet boy... he has a crooked tail!!! and it is short sort of a 3/4 tail!
 Mr...with the new members....getting along nicely...My Mr. is a real cat whisperer...the really shy ones always fall for him.. look at those sweet little white paws....
 This is the little living room in the cottage part of our house...this is the original part of the house..1912
 it's very tiny and very cozy!
 A new embroidery!!  I just wanted to do a simple thing...I think I like was really fun to do!  quick too!
 This as a little wallet I made....I love this fabric and I only had a little piece...
 This was really fun to make too!  I think I am going to use up my bits and pieces for christmas presents...( shhhhhhh christmas wallets.. maybe.....)
 Just enough room for a few bills and a card or two.. I made it deep so things won't fall out...
 And a new bag I crocheted ...this is alpaca wool my dear friend gave me and I wanted to do something special with it...I lined it with silk dupioni.. At the bottom of the page is the link to "Tangled Happy"a wonderful site... That is where I found the pattern....I made mine alot bigger than her pattern...Hers is so cute!  Free pattern too!!  She has a crocheted flower on hers...I may do that or maybe just the right button....not sure is so so so soft!  The photo does not really show the true is a lovely soft warm green...
 The marsh is really looking fall like..( even though it has been HOT!!)
Looking across to Hen island Rt. and pine island Lt.
 the virginia creeper is it climbs up and up and up....
 I love the winterberry.....It looks lovely in winter arrangements but I can never pick it because the birds love I enjoy it on the tree!
This week we are really starting to see the change in colour....
Yea!!  A red leaf!!!!                                                                                                                                  The link for the crochet bag!          
Thank you nice people for all the comments.....I love to hear from you all....I must try to write more often.....Happy days ahead to you all!!


  1. Thank you for the compliment on my post! I was really tickled to get it!

    Have a good night now :-)

  2. What a lovely serene post, love your photos's - I'm in the middle of grey slashing rain here and missing out on autumn colours. Your furry friends look so settled and happy. Had three cats at one time but I don't think my crazy collie cross would appreciate my going down that route again, so I will enjoy your pics instead. Best wishes.

  3. Its good to see your back. I have 3 kittys and they love the laundry baskets too. I do love the photo's especially your header, I just love shop's like that. Clare xxx

  4. No wonder you haven't had time to blog! You've been so busy. Lovely to catch up.

  5. Wow al those new family members, I just love that little embroidery so pretty.

  6. What a delightful post, gorgeous kitties, a sweet little puppy, beautiful embroidery and wonderful outdoor photos. Good to see you back, its aways so nice to catch up.
    Take care xx Sandi

  7. Love the kitty photos..who doesn't it? {: All of your outside photos are breath taking! Such a pretty place. I love all of your embroidery, sewing and crochet! Just lovely. blessings,Kathleen

  8. I had a gray cat just like the one in the laundry basket. He/she looks so much like him. He lived with me for 19 years. He had a twin brother, but I lost him to FeLV when he was young. I'm down to one very spoiled lilac pt Siamese these days. Love your photos. Your part of the country is beautiful I have some unfinished embroidery some where in the house. You are giving me a nudge to get it out and finish it!

  9. Just hopped over from my blog to yours, thank you for leaving a comment!! Love the cat photos. I only have one but would love to have as many as you have. :)