Saturday, November 12, 2011


 I love November above all other months!!  The color..the light...cold nights and warm (ish ) days...The Holidays.......I just love it in the fireplace....homemade bread!!
 We are having a really late fall here.....usually most of the leaves are gone but this year they are just hanging on.....yea!!
 The Marsh turns a golden color and we can see so much more!  Hen Island in the distance on the Left.
 These are my favorite mums of all !  soft pink ...with a yellow center....they are so tall they flop over and then the yellow and orange leaves mix pretty....the mums we call Mummys mums..because they are so my mother....but I found out they are called Sheffield ...isn't that a wonderful name!
 My quince is putting out a few cold weather blooms.....
 Look at this color!!!!!!  I makes me happy......  = ^.. ^ =  
 Hen Island.....
 Quince and a few other surprises in the fall garden...

 Oh!!  and why did I not know how much fun wool felt is???????
 My little snow man.....I love him!
 This is the beginning of a little winter scene!!
One side of a mitten that will be an ornament..  I am in love with felt!!  Have any of you used the  bamboo felt??  I am thinking of trying it because it is washable...or so I am told...and I worry about moths with the wool.... I would love to know..  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!!


  1. This is so wierd, I was just listening to the wind outside thinking how much I love the season changes in the UK. I was thinking of a friend who lives in Spain who will no longer experience Autumn and Winter as we do. I could never leave the uk for a hot climate I love the changes. This is when I start to get excited about Xmas now it's getting colder and it's cosy in the home. Sheffield is the city my mum lived in before she married, we visited a lot until I was 10 to see family. It's not as pretty as your flower as its an industrial city xxx

  2. Lovely photos, love your felt work.

  3. Lovely pictures, we are in the middle of a misty, grey dreary november but the autumn colour still hits now and then. Just on a revival with felt myself its great stuff isn't it!

  4. beautiful autumn colours !
    your stitching on the mitten is an elegant design, it will look great as an ornament :)

  5. That is a very nice November garden, glorious colors.
    Not heard of Bamboo felt, I bet is is lovely to work with though.
    Am thinking of making a few embroidered Christmas cards this year, I better hurry up and get started.
    x Sandi

  6. You have made me want to buy felt !! I love your mitten...and also your Quince :) Such a beautiful garden xx

  7. What a lovely piece of heaven you have there! I would so love to visit you one day and of course, there is an open offer for you should your travels ever bring you to our beautiful province of British Columbia.

    I do a lot of work in felt ... isn't is fun to work with - so forgiving ! LOL

    Beautiful blog, sweetie ... it's a "feel good" experience!

    Big Hugs from Canada