Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter has finally arrived......

This is what I am waiting for!!  This is a picture taken in about 1967 or 68...My childhood home...which is across the street for where I live today....This was the  best winter vacation I ever had....we had a week off and then got 2 snowstorms back to back and had a second week off!!!!!   I was in kid heaven!!!  non stop playing in the snow!!
It has not been that way of late .....we have had 50's and 60's....but today!!!!  it is 35!!!!!  I am so so so so so so Happy!!  
I have been the worst blogger...... I get an F-    I did hurt my shoulder but that is really no I am going to really try to be at least a C....
I read you all and love every minute of it.....My inspiration from all the wonderful hand work and the realization that there are some really wonderful people out there .....YOU....  So I hope to be around more!!  Happy day nice people!


  1. Wow I have never seen snow like that so much.

  2. It is so rare for us to get that much snow but we do have our moments - 2cm or 20 I love it when it first arrives and even now can't wait to get out in it - big kid, quite possibly! :-)

  3. There is something about other people's snowed in yards which is very appealing, I say this as I watch my sweet peas climbing up my trellis in their multi coloured scented glory.