Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Spring!!

Hello all!!   Happy spring or Fall... wherever you may be in this world!!  I am as always...too long away from the keyboard so today we are updating!!    Vacation!!  Yes....we really did a holiday in a warm place....something we have not been able to do for some years.... My sister and I cared for both our parents for 17 years and many things were put aside....and now we are making up for some lost time!! ............... and boy was it ever wonderful!!!!     ...
 We were on Captiva Island on the gulf coast of Florida... the wild life is unbelievable!!   The most beautiful birds and fish....oh and......
 Yes.....Bloody the pool!!
Yes....that is me.....My hubby and I love bicycles.. we ride everywhere we go....Mr. Richard is a serious rider....crossed the U.S. on his bike...he has ridden all over the world...I am just a regular rider but I love it.....things are so accessible on bikes....and so quiet....I am so assaulted by the noise of the world these days....I am always seeking a quiet spot...
 We stayed in a  wonderful place and it is really really beautiful....lots of pools...long beaches... there was one pool just outside are apartment and almost no one was ever there!!???!!  so I called it Holly's pool....I would go down by myself and bring a project and it was totally quiet and  peaceful....the pool was so was heaven.......just heaven.....
 My sister shelling....such a peaceful endeavor ...I brought home lots of shells!
 Look at this little creature!! A tiny little crab in a teenie tiny shell...he was so sweet....we put him right back of course...

 Sisters!!    ... my best friend on earth.... Yes.. I did the bunny ears....just can't seem to grow up!!
 Her hubby...we all get on so well....Her husband is sooooooooo funny....he is a cross between Jerry Seinfeld and Dick Van Dyke from the old 1960'''s show ....All I do is laugh....
 My Mr. Richard having a little toddy for the body.....!!  It is after all vacation!
 Shark attack at the dinner table...
 The best mexician Food!!!  and more sharks!
 Last Day bloodies!!
We then came home to spring!! in full bloom....

 This is one of my favorites...such a miracle...each little petal...a masterpiece!

 We are having a very early spring......cold today though...  the wood fires are burning1
                                 such beauty ........
 such a color!
 My ever present garden assistant!
 Still looks like early spring here!

 Seaview studio is progressing!!!   All Cleaned out and now the new windows are going in!! Mr. Richard is doing the work...
 Sadly this beauty has to does not open and it is very old although in really good shape....thinking of what we may do with it....It is not really winter proof....  any ideas!?

There will be windows here instead of the barn doors... and the door will be on the right is 12 feet by 16 feet.....It does not seem real to me that I might really have a studio!!!!  I am afraid to even think about what it will  be like....My table to cut fabric is now our bed with a cardboard tabletop  on it....and honestly...I have never minded...except that I have to clean up every night...I am not a person who wants for much....well except for time to do hand work.....I have always felt so lucky to have what I have the I don't like to think about adding......but..........I am really excited!!!!!  Reeeeeeeeally excited!!!

Next post...some projects that must be finished!!!!!  Happy Day to you all!!!
OH and.......I have 49 followers.......I just can not believe it!  I have so loved getting to know you out has been one of the really great experiences of my life.....49!!!  I just can't believe it!!!  
Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  XXXXX


  1. ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ WELCOME BACK!! I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation, it really did look like you had a fabulous time!!!*´¨)

    No ideas what to do with that beautiful window...sorry! :-)

  2. Your holiday looks fab. I too have not done a beach holiday for a long time. It did look lovely in Florida xx

  3. Glad you had a great holiday looks like lots of fun. Yummy food and drinks and beaches what else is there. Lots of spring in your garden. I have 39 flowers who would have thought.

  4. Oh look at the pictures.. They are wonderful. You had a very nice holiday and the the place you went was so beautiful. I like the wild birds so much. I really missed summer time. I am so tired and I really want to have a holiday like yours. Best wishes..

  5. Your photographs are beautiful...It really does look like paradise....and you have certainly returned to Spring...your flowers are so pretty...I can see already that your studio is going to be fabulous too!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  6. Your holiday sounds lovely. We're off to Brittany on Saturday, I really can't wait.
    Happy Spring :-)

  7. What a wonderful place for a holiday,and how nice the company. I'm envious of your wonderful studio, so nice to have a handyman so close to home. The garden is looking lovely, mine is covered with leaves and falling pears (from the neighbours garden). Autumn is here.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I was reading this in my lunch hour and saw that you have been on Captiva. I holiday on Sanibel every Summer and have done for the same two weeks in July for the past 23 years! It is my absolute favourite place in the world and I cannot go without the obligatory trip to the Mucky Duck on Captiva to see the sunset.
    I may live in not so sunny England, but to me, Sanibel is home!
    I cry everytime I leave and have to drive over that causeway!
    I got a lump in my throat just seeing your pics, but thankfully I only have about 12 weeks before I will be going home.

  9. Glad you had a good time. Looks amazing. I can't wait to see your new studio when it's finished :)

  10. Outstanding photos! I have never heard of that island before but now I want to go~! Thanks for all your work you do on your blog.

  11. I saw your comment over at The Quince Tree and came to visit and say hi! You have a lovely blog...I'll be back, I'm a new follower! xo

  12. Glad you had such a wonderful vacation!! One of my favorite destinations!! And to come home to such pretty spring flowers! Can't wait to see your studio when it's all finished. I helped my son-in-law gut the kitchen today, so I know what you are going through!! I lost all my work space. Good thing I'm heading back to the east coast in a couple of weeks!! Need to finish up the few things I've partially made and hoping I have enough space in the camper. Happy Spring!! Have a great Easter! ~karen

  13. So glad your vacation was a great one. I felt as though I was there with you!

    I LOVE reading your blog ... you are such an upbeat kinda gal ... I really like that!

    Thank you for all of your wonderful comments on my blog ... I love hearing from you!

    Carol from Canada

  14. Hello!
    Popped over from Henhouse......I wish we had such lovely weather, it's the Easter weekend.....and it's!

    Hopefully it will cheer up soon!


  15. What a fun time it looks like all of you had! Can't wait to see your finished studio!

  16. How exciting to have your own studio, I'm looking forward to seeing it's progress & congratulations on 49 followers!

  17. Good things happen to good people ... I am so very happy for you getting such a lovely studio in such a beautiful setting!
    Big hugs
    From your buddy in

  18. Lovely photos!!! :)

    Kisses from Italy