Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring is exploding! A new life!!!

Well do we ever have happy news!  A new little girl is in our lives!!  Miss Maia has joined our wonderful family!  Mr. Richard and I were never blessed with our own children but we have adopted into our family all sorts of heavenly people...and so we are sort of the adopted auntie and uncle....
 Fine with me!  The new mummy with her little girl.....
The Picture below is grainy because I took it off my computer screen....don't know how to get photos from email to iphoto.....So I just took a picture of the screen!
 This is my favorite picture so far of this sweet girl...she is 6lbs 2 0z...soooo little....her little head is in her daddy's hand!   We are in Love....
 Moving along on the sewing room!
 I am to excited about this to even think of it...I know it is going to take some time as Mr. R is doing all the work himself on days off....but so worth the wait!  I think I am going to need help naming this little place....I have come up with a few names but nothing has stuck...
 O.k. so if you have a new little need to make her a fun thing to look at in bed! I have been have so much fun doing little squares of embroidery... this one is my fav..
 each of these is a 5 inch square...I will do  maybe one of these per row and then the rest will be prints..
 I have always loved the look of scrap quilts...lots of different color prints that are just fun...
 I think I am going to add a sun in the upper corner...
 I had so much fun doing this one...I used metallic thread for the spokes and handle bars..
 Mummy and Daddy in stick!
Happy balloons....
 The real clothes line...
 And this is the reason I am not posting more.......toooooo much to do.......
 I love my garden....but oh man is it a lot of love it but I need a least 3 of me!
 My only tulip....the deer are coming up at night and munching!
 I adore these....
 and these....
 Asparagus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Pea and asparagus risotto in our future!!!!!  heaven on earth!
 flowering mum planted these when they were little sticks!!!  It is part of an allée......
Skunk cabbage!!!  smelly when you step on it but oh so beautiful......Huge leaves!!
The woods are turning green
fiddle heads....this is a huge stands about 3 feet high!
the path to the salt marsh..
Looking up from the woods to the house....that is a huge cedar tree next to the house.. sweet
Thank you to all my new followers....It makes me so so happy when I see the number grow....It is really so much fun to have this amazing new world of friends....totally amazing....!   = ^ .. ^ =


  1. What an adorable little girl - blessings to her - she is going to light up many lives and it's lovely to see you being creative, there's nothing quite like having someone special to make things for - I love your work. Bettyx

  2. Glad you have someone new to love in your lives, such a sweet little thing. Looks like you have been so busy of late. Have fun.

  3. Hello
    How lovely!. There really has been lots of excitement in your life - new addition to the (extended) family and the new studio/sewing room is looking amazing. What a kind (and handy - always a bonus) hubby you have.
    By the way I love the small embroideries and cant wait to see the finished quilt.
    Like you I have been busy in the garden and writing about it on my little blog - well not as busy as you have, I've been 'cultivating' ideas rather than actually doing, but it felt good to get them all out and down on paper (so to speak), so now all I have to do is focus, focus, focus and get planting, painting and generally making over my outdoor space.
    Your pictures are lovely of the garden and the new spring growth - it feels good doesn't it to get out there and get tidying, kind of like an outdoor spring clean ready for the beauty to unfold.
    I love your woodland style garden - I guess because I live on the edge of a forest I really appreciate the trees and woodland planting (although as you will see from the pictures of my garden it is tiny and backs on to a field - I have to walk down the lane to get into the forest.

    Well happy gardening and sewing and, ooohing and ahhing over Miss Maia - she is beautiful.
    Best wishes

  4. Miss Maia is so are so blessed to have her in your lives....I love how your sewing room is progressing and well done to Mr.R ...such a star!...Beautiful garden pics too...
    Susan x

  5. What a precious baby and you are already spoiling her with your pretty stitching! Lovely garden!

  6. Oh wow! what a lovely sewing room, I want one and I can't sew! And what a dear little baby - your embroidery is so cute I know they'll love it.

  7. Your world seems so full of growth right now! I appreciate your 'hard work' in your garden because I can enjoy the benefits via pictures! Just love seeing all the flowers - can only imagine how beautiful they are going to get throughout the season. Take care!

  8. Everything in the garden looks lovely, especially the shed. I say shed but I know it's so much more. The embroidery is as always cute and beautifully stitched. As for the new addition, aren't babies gorgeous, so sweet and cuddly.

  9. Hello Holly, Congrats on Maia and she is too cute :-) May all the good luck be her's. Loved your embroidery works, especially the first one with the washing line. I loved every bit of detail on it and the actual fabric pieces in the basket. Lovely! I bet you stay on a wonderful piece of land. And oh yeah, I loved that fern also. If you don't mind, would you update the pic of it when it unfolds.

    Lots of love,

    1. I will absolutely take a picture of the is gorgeous....we've just had a lot much needed rain and everything is growing so so fast!!!!

  10. gorgeous photos and not just of the baby. I love all the embroidery work you have done, especially the clothes on the washing line.

    Still got snow here, hoping most of it will melt by the weekend,


    1. Thank you so much!!! The clothes lines are my favorite to do!! Snow!!! It is cold here but not that cold!!

  11. Hi Holly,
    So happy for you to have a sweet new baby in your life...she is precious! Your blog is so lovely...and you live in a magical place. Your embroidery work is charming and happy...just like you.
    Hope you are having a good week.
    Take care, Laura :)

  12. How lovely - a gorgeous new baby - always so very very special. And what a sewing room!!! Your embroidery is so lovely too. I am very envious of your Floridian holiday!!!! And PS, I didnt know it was about a dog either ! xxx