Friday, July 13, 2012


Right now I have 60 followers....somehow I am following myself...don't know how I managed that...but .....this will be post 160 and right at this moment I have had 9600 page views!!!! I just can't believe it...small compared to some but for me!!!!! Wowzers!!!!
So I am celebrating with the sweetest picture of the sweetest little baby girl darling little dear is THIS!!!!!

Oh I ever love this little girl!!! And her mummy and daddy!

Thanks all of you nice people out there....this has been such an amazing journey.....never ever did I think it was going to be like much to learn ..renewed faith in humans ....realizing how many incredibly talented people are out there....and then all of you.....people I would never have know....really wonderful friends from all over the so amazing!!!

Your the best!!!!!

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  1. Isn't blogging fun?? Congratulations on 60 followers and on such an adorable baby girl!! My goodness, she is a sweetie!!

  2. What a cute little girl and congratulations on you 60 followers!

  3. Well now, if I weren't the grandmother of the cutest grandkids in the world, I would have to say that your little bundle is the best!

    Have a lovely weekend and congrats on reaching 60 followers, even if one is yourself..hahaha! (I'm following myself too) xo

  4. Precious little girl!

    I chuckled at "following yourself." That sounds like something I would do.:)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  5. Dear my friend Congratulations...:)) You have a very nice blog and you are hardworking your friends will gro day by day..:))
    And God Bless The sweetest little Maia..
    Happy weekend...!

  6. Congratulations. Little Maia is just gorgeous.

  7. What a delightful little girl Maia is. Congratulations on having so many keen followers, I really enjoy your posts. Betty

  8. Congratulations on your followers -I really enjoy your posts.
    And Maia- what a wee cutie x

  9. Thank YOU all for your lovely comments!!!

  10. Maia is gorgeous, what a special little girl. Blogging is wonderful isn't it!! I also have met wonderful people like you through blogs and having a blog has enriched my life beyond measure.
    xxo Sandi