Sunday, December 16, 2012


I adore Christmas.....I love it for so many reasons...
Memories....Happy childhood memories..I was very very lucky to have wonderful parents and the most wonderful sister..we had so much fun as children..days long dolly games....playing outside for hours ..building forts and tree houses...we had NO money ...but it did not matter...
wonderful wonderful family and the most wonderful of friends....and now we have young people and babies in our life....Joy.....
these are things I never take for granted...never ever..
and when the world goes crazy these things are more important than anything...
love your family...... love your what you love when you can and try to never waste a moment on the things that do not matter...... 
love happy....Joy......

 the sweetest boy ever......
 Christmas.......I love old fashioned decorating....old ornaments...the big old colored lightsllll
 Mr. snowman was on our tree when we were little takes me right back..
.....I love this little fellow.....he's new....

  ....these twirly ornaments are just about my favorite....this one was on our tree too
                                                                Mr. Santa....from the 50's
                                This glass bell garland was on my mum's tree when she was little!!!


                                                      I've been collecting ornaments for years......

                               This little cluster of red was on my dad's tree when he was little
 Mr. Santa was a gift from a friend of my mum and dad's ...he was in her doll house when she was little...  I believe he is about 1905 1910..
                                                Cheery happy old fashioned Christmas..
                                                I love the little choir boys....
                                                       and mr. snowman!!

 This I bought years ago....I LOVE him...he is paper mache...I have always wanted to try making one...

                                               O.k.!!!  This is one of my really fun Christmas Projects!!
                                               Maia's Christmas Dress!!!

                                                     Oh .....I had such fun doing this dress!!


                                                                             The Tree.....

                                            Now these little skaters...I made from pipe cleaners!!!

                                                       This fellow needs some new skates!!
                                                  A finished project for a pressie!!!

                                                 And !!!!!  MY first knitted project EVER!!!
                                                                      Bun Bun!!!

                                                                    Bun Bun has a new home!!!!

                                                            The Dearest little lambkin in the world.....
Happy Days to all of you lovely friends....xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh my goodness you have been so busy making all those beautiful things!
    And I love al the decorations, so special and full of precious memories.
    Thanks for sharing all these lovely things, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Gill xx

  2. So many lovely things I don't know where to start, love the dress so pretty and your christmas gift is great but I just love all your Christmas decorations.

  3. just gorgeous, love the little dress and the bunny....


  4. Lovely to see you again, love all your decs and I am with you, I love all the older decs. The dress and beyond beautiful, just love it.
    xx Sandi

  5. Evereything looks so gorgeoud, the decs, the pipecleaner skaters and that cute little dress. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!x

  6. What a gorgeous tree with all those memories....I love the bunny and the piccy with its new owner! Seasons greetings.