Friday, December 14, 2012

I do not usually bring the outside world in here but it would be wrong not to say how absolutely insane this world is getting...this must stop...this all must just stop...these beautiful children heart is just breaking for the mums and dads and sisters and brothers of all these babies...and for the teachers...there has to be a way to end this kind of nightmare...I'm sorry my friends..but this is just too much to bear...I am praying and praying for these broken sad....

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  1. Prayers being offered for all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

  2. You are echoing many peoples thoughts; it's awful beyond belief

  3. Dear Holly
    What a fabulous tree. I have no vintage decorations - not one saved from my days as a child and no family heirlooms or hand me downs. Mum changed the colours on her tree and well I guess the old ones got thrown out. Such a shame. I adore the dress you have been working so hard on and the framed handiwork and little ice skaters- so clever. Your knitted bunny is perfect too'!
    Such a clever lady!
    Your home and kitties looks perfect.
    Sophie x