Friday, May 24, 2013

Nature in it's full glory!!

 Petals.......beautiful crabapple petals....
 This is my favorite tree on our property....
 It is at least 99 years old...
 You can not believe the scent...soft and sweet ....truly heaven on earth..

 Several times a day I just stand under it and listen to the bees humming....think about all the life this sweet tree has lived....
Every year it loses a branch or two and we think...oh no...then back it comes...and bursts forth like this...
When the world starts to look sad and scary this is where I go for solace....
may all my lovely friends out there have a peaceful and happy day............xxxx


  1. My crabapple is my favourite tree we have, it must be something about them, but to have on 99 years old that's something special.

  2. When we used to live in the farm in Iowa we also had a lovely crabapple tree. Long gone are those days. You do have a marvelous spot there. It looks glorious! Beautiful photos and wish you a lovely weekend!

  3. Beautiful photos! What a wonderful place to be.
    ; )

  4. Beautiful pictures,I can almost smell the blossom.x

  5. What a beautiful tree, I love the thought of you sitting under that lovely canopy and relaxing.

  6. I just saw this post--I missed it when you published it, and have come across it going through my blog-list this morning. But what lovely photos and tree! Imagine the stories it could tell!!

    I hope you are doing well and your summer is off to a good start!!

  7. What a beautiful tree! I can just imagine the smell.