Sunday, July 7, 2013


 oh my has it ever been Hot this summer!!!!!!!!  Very hot kitties....
 Picture taken through the screen porch...fog on the ocean....can't see the houses on the beach!!
 The garden is growing like crazy ...I absolutely adore the vegetable garden...It has become my favorite of all gardens...
 The lettuce.....the lettuce .....the so it right in the garden...
No pesticides have been used on our property for at least 60 years ....that makes me very very happy.....:)

 The little workshop in the little workshop!!  Where I have been teaching sewing to believe it or not all boys!!  They all saw me work on things when I watched them and they said..." will you teach us!" one little guy 6 asked for a sewing machine for his birthday!!

 My mum grew up in upstate New York....her mum and dad built a camp in the Adirondacks Mts 1926 That is where I am right now!!
 Partridge berry blooming in the woods...
 Heavenly little mossy spots...
 Perfect little fairy house spot....
 inside the cabin....tiny cabin!

 taken through the screen door...
 Gram and grandfather in 1926
 My incredible mum in the middle....her uncle on the left and brother on the right...all the men in her family uncles father and brother were scientists....
                                                                     my beautiful mother....

Sunset ..............
Hope your all happy and peaceful out there!!!


  1. The photos of your mum are wonderful. It must be lovely being at the cabin surrounded by so many memories.

  2. Your garden is looking very pretty at the moment, have a great holiday.

  3. What a wonderful place and filled with so much family history too. The sunset picture is stunning, what a view.

  4. What a glorious spot! Enjoy!!

  5. Oh I just loved this post. How wonderful to see the old photos of your family (I adore old photos - doesn't matter who they are of, I will sit for hours looking at them). The title photo too is wondeful and as for the garden....what can I say. Green fingers indeed!
    That hydrangea is a beauty!

  6. Your photos are beautiful! That cottage is adorable. It reminds me of the cottage in the movie "The Holiday."
    I adore old photography! Your mother looks soooo beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing, I had a great time reading.

  7. Lovely post,what a beautiful place you live in.x

  8. great to hear from you again. missed you

  9. Hello! I just found your blog via 52 Flea....I was just in the same lake area this past week too! We bought our summer place last summer and we just love it there.

    You have an awesome cabin with lots of history. Loved seeing the photos of your Mom and family. She is a beauty!

    Stop by and see my post about the parade on Saturday!!

  10. What a fabulous home and place to live! Such beauty and you are surrounded by it! The views are glorious and how relaxing it must be to sit on the pier at the end of the day and watch the sunset.

    Your cottage is gorgeous - so homely.

    I loved the old photos. I am pulling together an album of my mum and dads 40+ years together for their wedding anniversary and it took me back to look at our old family photos.

  11. Even though it is hot is beautiful! I love that tiny cabin!

  12. So glad you are having a good summer! I love the old photos of your family... your mother is a beauty!

  13. What a delightful post. I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit! Love your header picture.

  14. Do you take in lodgers? That looks stunning. So wish I was there xxxx