Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Spring almost Summer!!!!!

Happy Spring All!!!
It"s been way too long......Life so quickly gets in the way of doing the fun things....we've had a cool spring here and so things are later and flowers are lasting longer....I fear the heat is just around the corner but for now I am totally enjoying it!!!
We had a sweet little red squirrel family in my favorite ancient crabapple tree...three little ones appeared one morning on there way was so so cute!  they ran around the trunk all morning and then when I approached the ducked back into the tree and peaked out at me...this is the best pic I could get....

 The flowering Quince was perfect this year.....these two my mum planted..I love the two colors..
 This is the beautiful is just heaven when you stand under it and smell the sweet scent of an old fashioned tree...I love this tree more than any other on our property...100 years old!!!
 My favorite ferns....these grow to be 3 to 4 ft tall!!!!

 A kitty on a woods walk with me in the skunk cabbage!!  It only smells like skunk when you step on the early shoots...... :)
 Mr. R made me a wonderful laundry cart!!!  A kitty tried it first!!  of course........
 Now I can roll the basket over and not have to bend over a million times as I'm hanging the of my favorite things to do in the world is to hang a is so peaceful and puts me in a place I wish all the world could be....quiet .....slower....calm.....
 First summer porch party!!!  Mr. and my wonderful wonderful friend Tess....... :)
 All the neighborhood kids arrived which I LOVE!!  And so we fed them! When you don't have your own to have these wonderful kids in my life is one of the greatest things ever....Youth makes you youthful!!!  ( most of the time.....)

 Mr and I made our first trip to Martha's Vineyard....we only go off we drove to Woods Hole where the ferry leaves...about an hour and 10 mins from us....then a 45 minute ferry ride..with car and bikes!!
 It is just Heaven on Earth here.....I am a full blooded Ocean person...
 and a full blooded Foodie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The best wood grilled Pizza on earth!!!  A fantastic Brew Pub on the island....
Once we arrive we park the car and just use our much fun!
 These are Not our bikes but they are pretty!!
 This light house is in Edgartown....I adore this spot...
 The smell of beach roses is every where!!!!!
 Such beautiful flower boxes...
 More food!!  This is at a wonderful restaurant in Falmouth Ma....The Pickle Jar..  this is off island....
 Spring flowers at home.....pansies.....I love pansies...
 Our is so so so so so so good!!!!!!!
The first tomato!!!!  Oh I do love the garden....
So Happy to be back.....I hope I still have a few folks how might pop by....I have lots to show in the handwork department....
I hope you are all well and happy and finding time for the things you love in this crazy world.....
Thank God for all you nice people out there ......keeps me hopeful for a softer more peaceful world...
At least we have this nice spot to visit!!!!  Happy weekend!!!!! xxxx To you all!!!


  1. Ah! A weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard. I've always wanted to go. Must put on the list. We've been to northern Maine many, many times but didn't stop by MV. Your trip looks wonderful...and so does that pizza. :)

  2. What a delightful post! Martha's Vineyard is my very favorite place to visit, but it is such a distance from us here that I've only been one time. I'd go every year, if I could.

  3. Great post,such lovely pictures

  4. The garden looks wonderful, and the trip to Martha's vineyard makes me long to visit one day.I hope you have a long, sunny, happy summer.

  5. I have heard of Martha's Vineyard, lovely to see some pictures - maybe I can visit one day. Your laundry trolley looks sensible and energy saving!

  6. Hello, my friend!! Long time, no visit! But I see that long time, no post!! Are you having a busy summer?? I used to love visiting Martha's Vineyard off season! Such a quaint and lovely place. Am loving your laundry trolley. What a clever idea! Think of you all the time!! Sorry I haven't been by sooner. xo, karen

  7. Looks like a wonderful trip. Martha's Vineyard is a great choice. Our Spring was a bit cooler this year as well. I no longer blog but have fun when I stop by and see what others posting. I truly enjoyed your photos. Wishing you a great Sunday!

  8. Just checking in. Hope everything's okay and you are just too busy to post.