Friday, September 5, 2014

Lazy days of Summer....

A lovely cat collar!!!!  Quite warm too!
Hello all.....I seemed to have missed posting all summer...I really hope to be a little more here as the yard work lessons.... I'm really trying to get my shop going so I've been working on inventory....I hope to have some things on etsy soon!!
                                          This years garden has been absolutely fantastic!!
                            Blanched tomatoes.....garlic and olive oil with fresh basil.... let is sit for a few hours ....served over hot pasta...

                                     I think that the lettuce is almost my favorite garden treat...
                              Pickle day at Seaview Cottage.......a Fantastic Dill pickle recipe!!
Happy to share if your interested!

                                               A special treat for the pickle lady........Moi.... get pickled after the pickle making!!!  Yippee!!!
                                    My first work with Stylecraft DK.....I can get  free shipping from the UK!
                                So I bought almost every color....I really like this yarn....:)
                         This will be in my shop soon....a small baby blanket...
More boasting about the vegetables.....!!!!!
We have had such a wonderful summer...the first time in years I can say that...
it is dry but it hasn't been too hot....
I'm really hoping to have a nice fall garden...
Happy Week end all!!!!


  1. How lovely that you are back, I enjoy your posts. Your new knitting looks very lovely in such delicious sorbet shades and your gardening is to be envied!

  2. Your veg looks good. love the colours of your blanket.

  3. You were missed! What a great harvest and my, how busy you've been! I don't have a vegetable garden anymore, but I did have a banner harvest of blueberries, and it looks as though the cranberries aren't going to disappoint, either. Glad you're back.

  4. Great to see you back,fabulous crop you had,everything looks delicious .
    Pretty colours in the crochet blanket.x

  5. Love it when a garden is so bountiful! We also had a great summer... lovely weather!

  6. Lovely garden veggies! The crochet is beautiful and those colors are awesome.

  7. Oh forgot to ask for you favorite pickle recipe!!

  8. Oh!! I'll get that recipe right out!! They are so good...

  9. Lovely garden produce, a simple homemade tomato sauce for pasta is wonderful.