Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New year!! A year in Cats!!

 This is the year the inmates have started to run the asylum........
 do you think we are beginning to run a little over the limit???
 Mind you I have several shots of the same kitty......but.......
 there are .......
                                                                          9....yes ....9
 but ...they are all....very very ...nice.....
 and funny......
 and sweet.........  = ^ .. ^ =
 some very very sweet.......
 we do love them ......all....very much........but????   if your kitty needs a home???   I think we might....have to say no....
at least for now........    Happy New Year to all my new and lovely friends out there!!.....many warm and happy thoughts your way..... xxxxxxxooooooo and lots of love...... too!


  1. I love cats too, but 9, that's almost scary! Our one cat rules this house I can only imagine what 9 would do! LOL

  2. Happy New Year!! Lovely photos. How many cats do you actually have? I only have the two and that is more than enough.

  3. Basil would think 9 cats was 8 to many but I think that's about right, do they all get on with each other? Hope 2012 is a great year for all of you, I include your feline children as well.

  4. Happy new year to you hope this year is a great one for you. My sister in law had 15 cats I think that might be to many. 9 seams ok.

  5. Wonderful. I like cats as you do. Very beautiful kitties. I have only one black and white cat. My cat was homeless and very sick when I had found him on the road. But Now he is very happy with me.. And also yesterday we had 6 yorkshire babies from our foxy dog. Lovelies. I believe that life is better with dogs and cats. Because they give us life energy.. Best wishes...

  6. Love, love, love your cat photos!! I no longer have one because of all the traveling back and forth that I do, but am with my daughter right now and she has 3! She's always sending me cute photos. Happy New Year! ~karen

  7. Happyyyy New Year Miss Holly. Thanks for your comment. LOVE the pics of the cats. Its so wonderful to have pets :-)
    Love your christmas pics too. So gorgeous.
    Miss P x