Thursday, January 12, 2012

Resolutions.....clotheslines...kitties... ..nights at home... have resolutions for the new year or not...I am thinking.... Yes.....But not to feel too badly if they don't pan forget the weight thing....even would be a good idea..maybe just a resolution to move a bit more....
well....the first real resolution is to do more clothes line embroideries.....because I love them!!! I have some really great designs in mind...

 Second res.... more lovely nights at home!
Third res...... No more kitties!!!
 Not that we don't love them!!  We totally love them.... I mean how sweet!!  But for now 9 is enough...
 Dinner time for a few......they look so undernourished ....poor little things... and kitties in the sunshine!
How lovely it would be to just laz in the sun and wait for your next din din!
Forth resolution...
Crochet more!!
I am sorry to say that I tried to go backwards and find out who's site I got it from but couldn't find please forgive me who ever you were..I had no intention of not giving you credit....
It is really fun to do and a great way to use up scraps of yarn...
I changed the pattern a bit...instead of using double crochet between the bobble rows I used single crochet. ( U.S. crochet..)  I just liked the bobbles closer together... you could do a half double as well..

I just love the pom pom look to it!
It really is fun!!
I'm using an H hook and this is all 4 ply yarn... the bottom row is double but looking at it now I think I would do a half double instead.
so I guess I am on to a few resolutions....
oh one more.....I really want to get my etsy shop going...I have one but it is there you are....
WILL SHE DO IT !!!!  Hope so but ?!?!??!?
 ...................maybe.........maybe not!  You will be the first to know!
Happy Day to all you nice nice people!!!


  1. Do the etsy shop!!!! Then I can buy one of your washing line embroideries - I really love them. And the bobble crochet is amazing! I'd love to learn how to do that. 9 Cats!!!! Seriously?! xxx

    1. Oh...Thank you..You are giving me confidence... this is a pretty easy crochet..maybe I'll do a tutorial...and yes I really have 9 kitties!!!

  2. Diane said exactly what I was thinking, I love the washing line. Wow you do have lots of cats don't you. I find my 3 pretty demanding at times but they are gorgeous. Every home should have one xx

    1. Yes and thank you too!! now I am really thinking... The wash lines are what started my embroidering...

  3. Yes do the esty shop, then tell me how you did it as I would love to sell my cross stitch. I just love your washing lines.

    1. guys are making my day! O.k. I'll investigate tomorrow! and let you know...

  4. You have 'let the cats out of the bag' - I hadn't realised how many kitties you have - they must take some looking after! Love your embroideries, go for it and having picked up on my crochet once again over this christmas I think I will have to have a go at the bobble pattern, isn't it great.
    P.S. I would love to find more 'bloggy' friends so please call in on me and say hi,

  5. I love kitties. Love your crafts. Look forward to seeing the baby blanket completed.

  6. Dear Holly, You have 9 very sweet kitties. It should be very lovely to live wtih them. And I love your home decoration. Your home seems warm and happy. Your new project is so beautiful. Colors are perfect. Now I am making a crochet blanket but it is too hard for me to finish I think. All best wishes..

  7. oh yes, more clotheslines please - I have been saving up scraps to have a go but still not got round to it. 9 cats is rather a lot to feed I should think! but I think maybe once you get to nine, what's one more amongst friends! Your home does look very cat friendly and cosy and your colour scheme is beautiful. Look forward to visiting again as I had lost some of the blogs I follow and found you again through your last comment.