Friday, January 3, 2014


We are in the thick of a huge snow storm right now...It is howling outside's been snowing for over 24 hours but it's so windy we can't tell how much we have....
It brings back to memory the biggest snowstorm of my life...the great blizzard of 1978. I remember it like it was are a few pictures of that great storm...

This lighthouse is the town just north of us...only a few miles away...

I am a total lover of storms as was my dad.....they are so exciting......we were the only ones who had 4wheel drive in those days so we would be the neighborhood rescue the storm of 1978 we were without power for 8 days...but my dad was prepared as we had wood stoves and gas cooking so we were always warm and fed even if in the dark...mum and dad made it feel fun and adventurous!!'s still howling here and am told we still have 5 or 6 hours to's very early morning right now still dark and I have several cats piled on me in bed..
Pictures later I hope!!!!


  1. Oh my, it sounds bad I hope you come through it ok. We are in a hot humid heat wave in Bali.

  2. Another big storm?? Wow! I remember the storm of 78! I was in Maine at the time and we didn't get hit, but my Massachusetts relatives did and they sent the newspapers up so we could read about it. Stay warm, stay safe, and STAY IN!!

  3. I just saw the reports on the news.
    Stay safe and warm!

  4. It was a surprise to us to find about an inch of snow on the ground, driveway, and street this morning! We rarely have snow or cold temperatures here, so we are not as prepared as you are there - though we do have a gas cooktop. My boots are ones I had over 45 years ago! They just don't get worn more than once or twice a winter. Some winters, not at all, and snow pants have never been part of my wardrobe.
    Keep yourself safe and warm!

  5. stay safe and warm cant wait for the pictures, hope you don't lose the internet

  6. Beautiful pictures. Keep warm and safe.

  7. That was a winter to remember. I lived in the primary Lake Erie snow belt; the snow shoveled off my drive was two or three feet higher than my head at one point. My adult head--I was 35 that year.

  8. Gosh that's a lot of snow! Stay warm & safe

  9. Quite the storms but I do so like your photographs! Lovely blog you have.

  10. Hi, I'm your visitor from Leicestershire in the Midlands of England
    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog .
    I love your winter pics,. It is the first winter I can remember we had no snow where I live . Just the odd flurry , none that settled..
    Gorgeous kitty cats
    I was looking to follow you but could not see the sign