Wednesday, January 15, 2014


 I needed a motivational post!!!!  Mr. Richie and myself...

flowers... much needed flowers to cheer up the house!
 Cats .....lots of cats!
 food always makes me happy!!
 I love asian food...this is homemade Chinese....oh my God it is soooooooooooo good!!
The dumplings are wonderful I make the dough for the dumplings as well....these are pork...
One of my favorite cookbooks is Mrs Changs Sichuan chinese.....amazing!
 Now I want this tonight!!!
 Paris......oh I love Paris....with dear friends and my sweet sister......
 The best brother in law on earth!!
 hot chocolate Paris!!!  How happy is that!!!
 Salad Nicoise ....

 soupe a l' I want this!!!
 such a great picture of Bud..
 This year I'm growing lots of nasturtiums my kitties!!
I needed this!!!!
Happy day friends!!


  1. There, do you feel better? I sure do after reading your delightful post!

  2. It's that time of year we all need a little pick me up. Great photos and I hope it had the desired effect!

  3. What is it about cats and cardboard boxes? Our cat finds them irresistible!

  4. These are all such happy pictures! I love the cats! A bit jealous about your trip to Paris.:-)

  5. And now I want to go back to Paris! Look what you've done now! Lets just go shall we? xxxxxx

  6. Oh, you have so many blessings to keep you happy...thanks for sharing and now I want onion soup too!

  7. What a lovely cheerful post,made me feel happy .xx

  8. what are lovely post, you included all the best things in life, food, cats, loved one's and family................perfect.