Monday, January 6, 2014

 Well..the storm has come and gone....but not forgotten!!  This is behind our house..looking out to Hen Island..
 I've never seen the water cover the marsh the way it did in this was like a rushing river!
 The back yard was just a few inches and huge drifts....

 It was very exciting!!!!  I loved every minute!!!!!  
                                              Happy New Year!!!!!!!


  1. Oooh love a snowstorm too! As long as everyone is safe of course!

  2. Glad YOU enjoyed it!! I'm sure glad I missed it! Stay safe and warm.

  3. Our low temperature here this morning, according to the TV weatherman, was two degrees with a wind chill of -15! We haven't much snow on the ground at all, only less than an inch, and some of it disappeared yesterday. Stay safe and warm!

  4. It's too cold here dear, please take some of it back

  5. Hey, I tried to leave you a message earlier today...I'm so glad you got the snow you've been waiting for! Gotta have snow!
    I love the picture of your living room, so cozy and inviting!

  6. Stay warm, it looks very lovely the snow but cold.

  7. Wow I do love snow! Stay safe and warm.

  8. Love the black & white & it does sound exciting!

  9. Oh, lucky you! I wish we had all that snow instead of rain....

    Happy New Year!
    Beata xox

  10. Great photos! Love Winter photography is so wonderful Wishing you a wonderful new year in 2014!!

  11. hi , Holly . I'm your visitor from Desford , Leicester . England . You left a comment on my blog , thank you .
    I loved reading your blog .
    I also love cats but I nurture other peoples cats .
    you like reading Rosamund Pilcher , have you read her book The Shell Seekers?
    I hope you visit again