Sunday, May 15, 2011

Green Green everywhere Green!!!

 Hello all you lovely people out there!  new pics from a very very green Seaview Cottage!
 the above is the beautiful white lilac and this pale pink is a wild azalea from the adirondack mts in new york state. it has the most heavenly scent.  it lofts on to the porch and it just out of the world.....
 I love this beautiful mum planted this in her pink and purple garden.... and below of course is the bleeding heart.... I just want to sit under it as a tiny little person and look up......
This is just a little bit ... from a morning walk... I will have more later..... lots of love and hugs to you all....hope you all have a peaceful and happy sunday.........  = ^ .. ^ =


  1. Your garden looks lovely as does the Welsh countryside at the moment with all this rain. Enough is enough now though we need some sunshine too! Clarexxx

  2. Oh, so pretty. You are a few weeks ahead of us.

  3. What a beautiful garden :-). Jude x

  4. Love that beautiful tulip, and what a delightful garden.