Monday, May 30, 2011

Little visitors and bike to work week!

 we have had little visitors in the neighborhood..
 they move around but one of their spots is under my neighbors shed!  I think this little fella is looking for his mum or dad..
 then he spotted me.... poor little thing we are surrounded by woods and marsh and here they are!
 Mr. Miss Holly bikes to work every nice day..but this was bike to work week so he went even in the rain.......what a good fella!!
off he goes!!!  

 I am making progress on the new has not helped that google is acting up a lot!!!   but a wonderful friend is very good on the apple and showed me many things yesterday!!  Yea!!

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  1. We have loads of urban foxes here in London, so I see at least two a week. But far more exciting for me last night I saw a badger scuttle across the road, the third one in as many months! So maybe we have urban badgers here!

    Love your photos Jude x