Thursday, May 26, 2011


O.k. So I buy the new computer and then google starts to go crazy!!! I can only get to my dashboard On my iPad and I have no Help me help me I am doomed.....


  1. I wish I could but I,m pretty useless with technology myself. These things usually right themselves, I have come to realise that blogger plays up frequently, its always sorts itself in the end. Good luckxx

  2. hang in there I'm sure it has to come right eventually - even technology has to behave at some point!
    Maybe thats why I love spinning wheels and heddle looms - the main thing that can go wrong is me and well, I just have to cope with that!

  3. Sorry, your doomed. I am no help what's so ever, I'm still a Luddite and proud of it, so what I do is yell for a male of the species to fix it and make unhelpful comments as they try and cure the problem.Good luck.