Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starting to feel like summer!

 The summer porch is open!!  yea!!  we live out here in the warm months. we even have an old white iron bed made up as a couch...but I love to sleep out here.....  it also becomes the new work area for me!!
I've started yet another is really just a palette for embroidery...I have a pile of feedsack fabric.,,,which I just 5 " squares and then embroider fun things in the white squares...  I do think I will do a fun edging...  maybe piano keys... all in I am looking this is really a rotten picture...hmmmmm I will have to fix that!!

                                                               Have a happy day all!!


  1. How wonderful. Here in London we have (at last) got some rain, so it seems more like early spring then summer.

  2. and what, miss holly, were you doing up at 4a.m. working on your blog??? love you ~ mouse

  3. oh, min that is pacific coast time and that would make it 7:51

  4. I check on you nearly every day, haven't seen a new post for a little while, now there are 3, what's happening!!!!
    Everything looks wonderful.
    xx Sandi

  5. Your Summer porch is so pretty...I would love to sit and work there!...
    Susan x

  6. I have always wanted a porch like yours, your'e so luckyxxx